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Notes: Connections to Quandre Diggs, Brian Duker helped bring DeShon Elliott to Detroit

All three Lions players had fun moments at the podium after putting in work on Thursday.

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NFL: SEP 26 Ravens at Lions Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On Thursday, the Detroit Lions made several players available to the media for question and answer sessions following the third day of offseason activities. Our Jeremy Reisman wrote about the Frank Ragnow and Jared Goff sessions, but the team also posted video of sessions for running back D’Andre Swift, offensive guard Jonah Jackson, and newly-signed safety DeShon Elliott. Those sessions are available on the team’s YouTube channel and the official team site’s video section.

Recently-arrived from Baltimore, DeShon Elliott’s session had a couple of interesting personal tidbits beyond the general talk about staying healthy and looking to continue making improvements in his play. A couple of stories linked back to his past as a Texas Longhorns standout in college. Asked about moving forward from injuries and competing for a starting role, Elliott mentioned (at about the 1:30 mark in his session video) how before he arrived in Detroit he was “talking to Quandre—he used to be here.” The follow-up probed for what that connection was, and Elliott replied “he went to Texas, and we have the same agent. He’s like a big brother to me. A mentor. He’s a great person - a great guy to look up to.” At 7:50, the former Raven was asked about what he thought the coaches saw in him that fit what the Lions are trying to do, and right away there was a pre-established relationship that ensured a great connection: “I knew (safety position coach Brian) Duker previously, because he was with the Ravens with me.”

On a lighter note, since it is draft week, Elliott was asked to recall a draft memory, and with a pained expression he said “my draft day story is actually very upsetting, bro” before he and the rest of the room had a laugh. “It was just because, i’m coming out of school and a Thorpe Award finalist-something. Alright well, (on) draft boards I thought I was going to go a lot higher than what I ended up going.” As the night went on, Elliott tuned out: “ended up going (in the) sixth round. I actually cut the draft off and started playing video games. So when I got the call, I wasn’t even watching the draft anymore. I was just like I don’t even care. This (is football), wherever I go i’m going to play regardless.” Someone in the spur of the moment had the wherewithal to ask what game he was playing (5:32), so now we know DeShon Elliott is a hard core Call of Duty player: “Warzone only.

Coming off his first Pro Bowl, Jonah Jackson got into the details of improvements he wants to make in his blocking technique during his session. One thing that folks may not remember from last year is that Jackson was incorporating Taekwondo moves into his repertoire with the help of assistant strength and conditioning coach Morris Henry. Jackson enthused about the martial arts training (at 1:34 in his session) and hinted that other Lions may be soon walking the path as well. “Yeah, I’m continuing it. We still do it - we actually haven’t done it since (offseason activities) started, but me and (Morris) are still getting right, bringing a couple guys along too. Tommy (Kraemer) was getting in it, some of the tight ends, some of the guys hanging back. Scott Daly even got a little work in! So you know, he’s going to be ready.” Does he have his first black belt yet? “No, not yet.”

The best moment from D’Andre Swift’s session was his reaction to the question (at 1:20 in that video) from Tim Twentyman: “Do you and Jamaal (Williams) and the other guys in that room ever talk about just what it could be to run behind that line if all those guys stay healthy? Just how good they are? I see you smiling, so is that a topic of conversation? How often does it come up?” You can see in the video that as soon as the words “all those guys stay healthy” were said, Swift broke into a broad grin and started nodding vigorously. “Yeah, that crosses my mind at least once a day.”

Again, you can see the entire 10-minute DeShon Elliott session, 5-minute D’Andre Swift session, and 5-minute Jonah Jackson session and more on the team’s YouTube channel. The full video from the Frank Ragnow, Jared Goff, and Brad Holmes sessions are up as well. Tons of information and great stories in those sessions, so check it out. Now, on to the rest of today’s Notes:

  • Very interesting note for those obsessed with the kicking game (i’m looking at you, Hamza):

  • PFF’s Seth Galina with a super cool breakdown of throwing mechanics featuring Colts quarterback Matt Ryan:

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