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Happy Sweet 16, Pride of Detroit!

Pride of Detroit turns 16 years old today. What did you get us?

Today—April 27, 2022—Pride of Detroit celebrates its 16th year in existence. It’s been a crazy journey for this site. Originally created by Sean Yuille in 2006 as part of the barely-formed Sports Blog Nation, here’s what the mission statement for the site was, per Yuille:

Here at POD you will find news, game previews, events, and much more. My goal is to provide you with the most information and opinion possible about the Detroit Lions. Hopefully with this new blog, the Lions can finally receive some luck. With a new coach, this will be very telling of what to expect in the future.

I like to think we’ve accomplished all of those goals Yuille set out to take on—of course, with the exception of bringing a winner to Detroit. Turns out that new coach—Rod Marinelli, at the time—would actually plunge us further into the depths of sorrow.

But here we are, four head coaches later, thriving—not only as a site but as a fanbase. Detroit has an insatiable hunger for sports, and given the lack of success for any of the professional local sports teams, this place is going to explode once things get turned around.

So here’s to all of you that have supported Pride of Detroit and the Detroit Lions over the past 16 years. Without you, the internet would be a slightly more lonely place, and Lions fandom would be less enjoyable.

Here’s to another successful 16 years here on SB Nation and hopefully a lot more successful years on the field ahead.

Enjoy this trip through the years of Pride of Detroit’s existence, in GIF form:


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