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Can Kayvon Thibodeaux be a fit with the Detroit Lions?

He’s gained plenty of detractors, but the Oregon DE is still a top prospect in this draft.

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There’s a clip from the 2017 NFL Draft that will never leave my head. On the studio set for ESPN, Mel Kiper was asked to addressed scout comments that proclaimed that Myles Garrett wasn’t all-in on football. In a flurry, Kiper dissected the criticism and loudly proclaimed Garrett’s other interests, including dinosaurs and Motown.

Anyway, that’s all to say that the same criticisms surrounding Myles Garrett have come to find Oregon’s Kayvon Thibodeaux in this NFL Draft. As the draft calendar hits its agonizing calm before the thunderstorm, Thibodeaux has garnered plenty of scouting reports accusing him of taking plays off, making “business decisions” and not having his whole heart into football.

Some of that is plenty nonsense—having interests beyond football does not make you less a football player—but the accusations of taking plays off is serious in more circles. We dissect it all on the latest Pride Of Detroit PODcast, where we also endeavor to cut through all the noise and just ask the most important part: is he a top edge rusher, and how is his fit with what the Detroit Lions hope to accomplish?

On this episode we also dissect the Eagles and Saints trade, and whether or not the Saints aren’t done yet, and how that opens up the possibility for the Lions no. 2 pick to be up for trade. We also have more listener mailbag questions, and we’re getting into it all right now.

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