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What are Year 1 expectations for the Detroit Lions’ rookie class?

Breaking down the rookie impact and a whole lot of hopium

2022 NFL Draft - Round 1 Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

Hopium, a similar substance to copium, is a vitamin capable of lifting up wretched hearts, giving faith to the faithless and dreams to the insomniac. It’s always in high supply in Detroit in May, unless you happen to be the Detroit Tigers, in which case just abandon all hope and crawl into the pit you miserable bastards, how the hell are you this bad like this I can’t believe it nobody can’t hit nothing you even optioned Akil Baddoo ayyy lmao

Back to the Detroit Lions. The team has earned accolades and praises for its drafting prowess, and with national attention brings a measure of hope; maybe the Lions won’t be so bad this year. Of course, such things always manage to trigger our own fears of smoke being blown out asses, so it’s time to evaluate these things.

On this week’s edition of PODcast, we’re talking hope and rookies. We first set out to examine the rookie class for the Lions and deduce where each will end up—as a starter, a rotational player, depth or cut altogether.

Then, it’s on to the optimism, where it’s coming from, how warranted it all is, and what all stands in the way of realizing that optimism. It’s a fantastic conversation we had, and it’s one that always seems to creep up this time of year, but in new ways this time around.

We’re also previewing rookie minicamp for the Lions, plus what to expect out of the NFL schedule release on Thursday. If it’s not clear by now, this is big, big, beeg chongo episode of PODcast, so be sure to subscribe and make us happy.

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