IMO the draft was...

OK., Not great. I see alot of people getting excited about it and (of course) telling us what a genius Dan Campbell is.

The fans on this board will never be accused of being humble or cautious. I remember last year the general consensus was the Lions were going to win the division. We saw how that worked out. Well everyone seems to think we were the highlight of the draft and I am not so sure that is true. If you skip over the local propoganda machines like the Detroit News and Free Press and MLive, and look at national sites, you get a different opinion. Anyway, for what's it's worth, here is .02 cents :

1. A. Hutchinson

EDGE rusher. Called one of the best players in the country. The Lions have a HUGE, and I cannot over state this, HUG"E need at rushing the QB. I think we were 29th or sth in sacks? So it's a good pick. A pretty obvious choice so would of been hard to mess it up. But I still give it a "A".

2. J. Williams WR : This one is a head scratcher. There were plenty of good WR's available at this point (Drake London, Skyy Moore) why did the lions Burn drafit capitol to move up and take a WR with a messed up ACL? I am always very wary of guys who are speed merchants who have ACL problems. There was a lot of talk about this too on Day 1 of how the Lions way over paid for him. What if he can't get over his ACL problems? Grace "C-"

3. J. Paschal I liked this pick. We really need help getting to the QB so no problem with doubling down an a EDGE rusher. Just a few nit picks...He is known as a " motor" guy who plays through the whistle (i.e. dan campbells favortie buzzwords). But his talent level might not be that of K Thibodeaux. While being a high energy guy works at Kentucky, this doesn't always work in the NFL. GRade "B"

4. K Joseph This might be the best pick. This guy is a stud. Great Value will help the team alot. "A+"

5. J Mitchell After the blow me away pick of K Joseph..the Lions stumble again. This was another " huh??" for me. Why are we drafting TE's?? We have 3 already and a really good one in Hockensen. The Lions answer was "he adds depth." How can you count on a guy who is coming in with a ACL issue to be depth?? Grade "D-"

6 . M Rodriguez And yet another "what??" moment for me...the Lions need BIG TIME help at LB. It's probably the worst position on the club. And we draft....some guy from Oklahoma state that wasn't high on anyone's board. I have read 2 takes on this guy : 1 that he is a high motor tackling machine and 2 that he lacks the talent to play at the NFL level and will be special teams only. I am going with #2 since he was not high on anyone else's radar. Grade "D-"

7. J Houston. This one really shocked me. This team is so bereft of talent, so lacking in every department...I was watching the draft and Mel Kiper called the Lions Defense "all time bad". We just cannot afford to waste picks on luxury players or reaches or long shots. But...we are the detroit Lions so we did. From what I understand, this pick was made at the request of someone in the Detroit front office who went to HBCU. So it's more of a social statement than a draft pick. Well, I am glad the Lions choose to look so progressive and will be loved by CNN and MSNBC. But social statements don't win super bowls. And yeah I know everyone is going to pile on me with all his awesome stats from his college career and tell me he is a "monster" and a "stud". My answer? Look at who he was playing. Grade "E"

8. C. Lucas. Well...we do need ALOT of help in the secondary. So I like this pick, at least they are trying. The guy is 26 years old and has been kicking around college football for years so I question just how good he is. But anything is better than nothing. I guess. Grade "B-"

I posted my mock draft a few weeks ago that included (with trades) Drake London, A Hutchinson, K joseph, JO JO Domann from Nebraska and others who would really give this team a shot in the arm. I am not sure what to say about this draft other than it's a typical Lions draft. They got the easy blatantly obvious picks right, then instead of helping themselves went off on a tangent drafting guys from HBCU and 25 year old CB's and a WR and TE with ACL problem who may or may not help. Typical stupidity and why the Lions just never get better. While tams like The Pats and Rams draft smart and bring in 5 or 6 guys who make the team, the Lions end up with 2 or 3 and then usually let them go in a few years to another team (Where they are a pro bowler). I would sum it up as pretty much a waste of a draft. They needed big time help and did not get it. What about our horrendous QB room?? No QB help coming. DAvid Blough is our man. Not much help coming to our LB room which needed it. Maybe multiple WR to help Amon Ra St Brown carry the load? sorry, no. But we do have a kid from rinky dink U and a TE with a Blown ACL....

Grade " C "

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