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NFL schedule: 2022 Detroit Lions game-by-game predictions

Jeremy and Erik take a game-by-game look at the Detroit Lions 2022 schedule and make their predictions for the season.

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The Detroit Lions 2022 schedule has finally been released and we are here to make our way-too-early predictions on how the season will play out. Jeremy Reisman and I (Erik Schlitt) will go game-by-game through the Lions games, sharing our quick thoughts and offering our best guesses in this highly accurate way of evaluating the schedule.

Week 1: Lions vs. Eagles

Jeremy: The Lions may want to dig up that Eagles tape from last year, because that’s the kind of offense that could really give them troubles this year, and now they have A.J. Brown, too. Lions lose (0-1)

Erik: Dig it up and set it on fire. It’s a new year with a new scheme on both offense and defense and this has revenge game written all over it. Lions win (1-0)

Week 2: Lions vs. Commanders

Erik: Who? Oh, Washington. Their defense remains scary as can be, but I have zero faith in Carson Wentz doing much more than driving a hot dog car into Ford Field and looking around for someone to blame. Lions win (2-0)

Jeremy: Washington finished the 2021 season winning just one of their final five games, and nothing they did this offseason scares me—including their lame name change. Lions win (1-1)

Week 3: Lions at Vikings

Jeremy: First the Lions fleece the Vikings in the draft, then they embarrass them at home. Lions win (2-1)

Erik: You’re braver than me. This is going to be a real test for the Lions’ defense. Lions lose (2-1)

Week 4: Lions vs. Seahawks

Erik: Another early matchup with a team that is trying out a new quarterback and once again, I’m taking the Lions to take advantage. Lions win (3-1)

Jeremy: I hate the Seahawks. They have a dang curse on us with or without Russell Wilson. The Lions are better than Seattle, but the Seahawks have to be the luckiest team in the world and will somehow find a way to make it five straight in the series. Lions lose (2-2)

Week 5: Lions at Patriots

Jeremy: Tracy Walker posts five interceptions in a game you know he has circled on his schedule. Lions win (3-2)

Erik: Oh man, I really want to see that happen, but I’m too scared of Bill Belichick. The big question is, do they carry Matt Patricia off the field on their shoulders? Lions lose (3-2)

Week 6: BYE

Jeremy: I swear to God, if anyone in the comment section makes a “Lions lose the bye week” joke, they’re banned.

Erik: (deletes comments)

Week 7: Lions at Cowboys

Erik: The extra time to prepare makes this one closer than it probably should be, but Dallas looks too strong right now. Lions lose (3-3)

Jeremy: I hate that I agree with you almost as much as I hate that the Cowboys are actually good. Hopefully, this comes down to a hurried spike. Lions lose (3-3)

Week 8: Lions vs. Dolphins

Jeremy: I am not part of TuAnon. The Lions were right to pass on him, and this will prove it. Lions win (4-3)

Erik: I’m with you, it doesn’t matter if they have Tyreek Hill if they can’t get him the ball. Lions win (4-3)

Week 9: Lions vs. Packers

Erik: I think the Lions aren’t as scared of the Packers as most fans are, but right now they’re at the top of the division for a reason. Lions lose (4-4)

Jeremy: I am perpetually scared of Aaron Rodgers, and since this isn’t a playoff game, he should still be playing well at this point in the season. Lions lose (4-4)

Week 10: Lions at Bears

Jeremy: Games in Chicago never seem to go as planned. Justin Fields goes wild even though he has no one to throw to. Lions lose (4-5)

Erik: Time to dust off the #WeOwnTheBears hashtag because they’re in full rebuild mode. Lions win (5-4)

Week 11: Lions at Giants

Erik: I’m not confident the Giants will adjust to Brian Daboll quickly and I have a gut feeling this first year is going to be rocky. Lions win (6-4)

Jeremy: From one Patriots coach to another. We know how that goes. Lions win (5-5)

Week 12: Lions vs. Bills (Thanksgiving)

Jeremy: The Lions have lost five in a row on Thanksgiving, and the schedule makers did them no favors this year. Another Thanksgiving with horrible takes about ripping this game away from Detroit. Lions lose (5-6)

Erik: The game being on Thanksgiving gives me hope, but the Bills may be the best team in the NFL and the Lions just aren’t ready to compete with them yet. Lions lose (6-5)

Week 13: Lions vs. Jaguars

Erik: The DJ Chark revenge game. He’s going to go for 180 yards and two scores in a blowout. Lions win (7-5)

Jeremy: But what about the Marvin Jones Jr. revenge game? Or Jamal Agnew? OR RYAN SANTOSO?? I’m going to look foolish here, but something about the Jaguars’ offseason seems like they actually did things right. Letdown game here. Lions lose (5-7)

Week 14: Lions vs. Vikings

Jeremy: As a noted Vikings fan, I have to put my true loyalties on paper here. Minnesota’s defense is a shell of themselves and they hired an offensive-minded head coach. Detroit wins the shootout. Lions win (6-7)

Erik: Here’s my letdown game. Lions can’t build on the momentum (I used this word for all you Vikings fans out there) they gained over the Jaguars and fall short. Lions lose (7-6)

Week 15: Lions at Jets

Erik: I hate myself for this one, but the Jets have an underrated roster, and with the game being in New York, this feels like a tougher win than what it looks like on the surface. Lions lose (7-7)

Jeremy: Nah, the Jets suck. But, oh god, we both have the Lions at .500 in December. That means we’re looking at a PLAYOFF RUN DOWN THE STRETCH. Lions win (7-7)

Week 16: Lions at Panthers

Jeremy: Is Matt Corral starting by now?

Erik: Yes.

Jeremy: Well, crap. Lions do not have a good track record against rookie quarterbacks. Lions lose (7-8)

Erik: The Lions feel the pressure and respond on Christmas eve. Gimme that W. Lions win (8-7)

Week 17: Lions vs. Bears

Erik: #WeOwnThe Bears. Lions win (9-7)

Jeremy: If I predicted the Bears to sweep the Lions this year, I would rightfully be ousted from my position at Pride of Detroit. Lions win (8-8)

Week 18: Lions at Packers

Jeremy: Will a touchdown pass from Riley Patterson be enough to take down a Packers team that could rest their starters for a half? No, sadly not. Lions lose (8-9)

Erik: I think the Packers will fall on hard times down the stretch and they will need to win this game. The Lions will do their best to put up a fight, but it won’t be enough and they fall just short of the playoffs in true heartbreaking fashion. Lions lose (9-8)


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