2024 Draft Question

So I have had this thought floating in my head ever since the draft was announced and I figured I would put it out there to see what you all think.

I want to start by saying I hope (and kind of expect) Goff has a pretty good year so this isn't even an issue. Please don't turn this into a Goff debate thread (if anyone even comments )

Anyways the question: Do you think Detroit hosting the 2024 draft will impact our ability to trade up for a top QB in 2023 if necessary?

If we aren't in the top 5 we will have to send both 2023 first along with other picks. If we are far enough back that might mean the 2024 first round pick. Which will have us hosting the draft with no first round pick (plus possibly more depending on the trade).

I would pray that it would have no change on Holmes' plan but I can't say that with any certainty with how this franchise has been run the past 60 years. I know Sheila has been trying to be different but I have been hurt too many times to not see this happening.

Any thoughts?

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