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Can the Detroit Lions capitalize on a smooth start?

Breaking down the full Detroit Lions 2022 schedule, from an early bye week to a potentially smooth start.

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

I love the schedule release. You can really gin up the kool-aid, get really excited, and see a lot of winnable games; or you can shiver at the phantoms, imagining all the horrible ways the Detroit Lions could lose any number of very “winnable” games.

Regardless, a lot of gut reactions for what games are winnable come from the state of teams as they were last season; clearly, that’s never the case, and easy to forget the upward trajectory of many. Nevertheless, when you see the Lions starting the season out with two teams from the NFC (L)East and the Seattle Seahawks—now deprived of Russell Wilson—it’s hard not to get excited.

We broke down the full schedule on a small mini-edition of the Pride Of Detroit PODcast, where we cut through all seventeen games, the bye week, travel distance, Thanksgiving, and all other matters that came to our attention. Jeremy and I gave a few thoughts on each game, plus examined each stretch, the toughest matchups, and why some divisional opponents might be more vulnerable thank you think.

It’s all there, waiting for you on your favorite podcast platforms. As always, be sure to be subscribed on our Twitch channel to catch us live, and you can catch the replay of our schedule party where we had extended thoughts on all the games.

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