Comparing 2020 to 2022... So much has changed

I realize that comparing the roster is a good starting point. It's logical. The players make the team, right? What if that is just one-dimensional thinking?

I think the culture, coaching, age, player combinations, style of play or game planning, and more go into how successful a team will ultimately be.

Reviewing the offensive roster sure starts with QB, and most think Goff isn't as good as Stafford, but how much difference is there really. I think Stafford almost choked in the Super Bowl. Thankfully he didn't. Yet, he had so many weapons and the team's defense was there for him to depend on. If I look at Goff's stats he's not far from being in the top half of the league's QB on any measure. Ultimately he'll be judged by how many wins he has.

The offense has a blend that is so much better too. Galloway and Jones were dependable, but aging fast and not likely to be getting better than their past performance. This year's group is young, unproven, but has vast future potential that equates to far greater hope.

The offensive line is better simply by staying together and building togetherness. Of course, there is the old injury bug, but the depth is there too to keep them in the game.

The defense will come down to just how much better the defensive line is than last year. In my opinion, it should blossom and be a real difference maker. Romeo Okwara, Charles Harris, Julian Okwara, and Austin Bryant means that not everything is hanging how good Aiden Hutchenson and Josh Paschal are. The interior I hope is better based on health; Levi Onwuzurike and Michael Brockers didn't play up to expectations, but hopefully will exceed them this season. John Penisini hopefully will also be fully recovered and have a resurgence. Alim McNeill might take another big step forward too, and be more impactful.If this line can be far superior to last year's, this team will be better than 2020. Penisini likely won't start but be available as a very good rotational piece. Danny Shelton is gone and should be long forgotten. Romeo Okwara is back and hopefully can regain his stride, but as mentioned he's not alone, but a member of large committee of competent pass rushers.

The jury is out as to whether the linebackers or secondary will be better. In my opinion, it will depend on the line. Yet, the type of coaching, style of play, and character of this team has changed dramatically. I think everyone loves who they are playing for which is far different from how I perceived the players feeling about Matt Patricia.

Brad Holmes is a difference too. His style seems more relaxed, sincere, and also aggressive at making things happen than Bob Quinn. I never really like Quinn. I tried to dismiss it as unfounded prejudice - I mean the Pats were never my favorite team, and trying to make the Lions into the Midwest Pats seemed obscene to me.

Dan Campbell and his coaching staff just has an air about it that makes me feel good too. Again, I think it's sincerity, confidence, and aggression that stands out as being real and a big difference.

Last, but far from least, look at the type of players Holmes and Campbell are adding. Rather than plugging in LaGarrett Blount, Adrian Peterson, Damon Harrison, and others past their prime, the additions are players who have yet to reach their full potential. I think this says so much. We're also not trying to collect all of the cast offs from the Pats - Jaime Collins, Trey Flowers, Duran Harmon, Matt Cassel, Tavon Wilson, etc. We're also not alienating key players - Darius Slay, Glover Quin, A'Shawn Robinson, and others.

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