If only the Lions had a bigger, stronger, tougher RB

I've lamented for awhile that the Lions need to get a bigger running back that can better sustain the pounding game after game. I mean I've always really appreciated that D'Andre Swift is a very talented running back; he's a great receiver too. Yet, for the past two seasons he's gotten beat up and has missed games due to injury.

If the Lions really want to sustain a solid running game throughout the season, I really hoped that they might draft a bigger, stronger back to either share time with Swift and Jamaal Williams, if not ultimately steal away their time. Plus, Williams is only signed for one more season, while Swift's contract will conclude in two.

What if though, Swift or Williams had a phenomenal off season training program to help avert the problem that has been occurring?

It seems that perhaps somebody has heard me, or at least shared my concerns. D'Andre Swift has apparently come back this year even bigger and stronger than ever before!

You got to check out the OTA pictures of how Swift looks. I'm not sure if I've ever seen a bigger, stronger running back ever!

Last year I'm pretty sure the comments were that Swift's legs looked like Superman's, and his speed was never in question. Yet, the top half of his body wasn't a focal point of his work outs. He simply looked lean, fit, and strong.

This year, it may seem trite or antiquated to say, but he has entered beast mode. For photo evidence I submit:

I tend to have drunk so much Honolulu Blue Kool Aid that my skin has a bluish tint to it. Yet, this photo brings a big smile to my face, and I swear it looks like I've sprouted Lion's fangs! Is Restore the Roar too old fashioned to say out loud - but hey, it keeps running through my head.

I'm definitely feeling like this will be a defining season for D-Swift. Although no one should, let alone can predict outcomes, I am feeling like he has a real shot at putting up the type of stats we haven't seen from a Lions' running back in decades. Hopefully it will be the start of something really special, too. (My memory of great Lion running backs includes Barry Sanders, Billy Sims, Steve Owens, Altie Taylor, Mel Farr, and Doak Walker. There were a handful of pretty good seasons by others. For what it's worth, I appreciate the talent and potential the Lions had in Reggie Bush, Dexter Bussey, Kevin Jones, Joie Bell, John Henry Johnson, Bob Hoernschemeyer, and others, but they just didn't have the staying power or lasting greatness of the top 5.)

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