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Video: Watch as each 2022 NFL draft pick reacts to the call from Detroit Lions

We gathered as many videos as we could find of the Detroit Lions 2022 NFL Draft picks getting their call from the team, and their subsequent reactions.

NFL: NFL Draft Gary Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously, the NFL Draft is an exciting weekend for football fans, as their team adds future pieces who could be the key to the franchise’s future. But on a much more personal level, the NFL Draft is an amazing three-day stretch where over 250 football players realize a life-long dream. There is no television event like it out there. It is peak reality television.

The NFL does a good job of making the venue a spectacle. They fill the crowd with rabid fans and try to get as many of the top prospects—and their families—on hand to watch their live reaction as the draft unfolds.

But, to me, nothing is better than watching these prospects at home, surrounded by loving friends and family, eagerly watching the draft on television, waiting for the phone call from an NFL team to come.

In the age of cell phones, these emotional moments are almost always caught on tape. Thankfully, many of the Detroit Lions prospects have shared that video publicly. So I went and gathered as many live reactions to the Lions’ 2022 NFL Draft class reacting to being selected by Detroit.


Michigan EDGE Aidan Hutchinson

The Lions have already provided the Lions’ side of the call, too:

Alabama WR Jameson Williams

There is no available video of Williams’ point of view for the phone call, but the Lions’ revealed their side of the call

Obviously, Williams was on hand in Las Vegas for the event. Here’s video of the broadcast and his reaction to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell calling his name.

Many have made a little too much of Williams not looking enthusiastic during the moment, but he looked pretty darn happy here:

Bonus: Here’s Williams reacting to a heartfelt message from his father:

Kentucky EDGE Josh Paschal

Here’s Paschal receiving the call:

And here’s the video of him and his loved ones, moments later, watching as his name is called on the television broadcast:

Illinois safety Kerby Joseph

And a couple more:

Virginia Tech tight end James Mitchell

Oklahoma State linebacker Malcolm Rodriguez

I could not find video of Malcolm Rodriguez on draft day. He did not meet with media that night, so it’s possible he was preoccupied for the day. Instead, here are clips from the broadcast after the pick and a former teammate congratulating him on the accomplishment.

Jackson State EDGE/LB James Houston

Unfortunately, James Houston had to learn the hard way that Lions draft picks get the commercial treatment from ESPN. Still, a nice video of him getting the call.

Arizona State CB Chase Lucas

Unfortunately, I could not find any video of Lucas’ reaction to getting selected. Here’s his meeting with the media shortly thereafter.

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