Everyone drunk on Kool aid again

Well first time back on this website in months and I see more drinkers of the Lions Kool aid. More believers of the Honolulu Blue propaganda machine. More delusional Detroit fans at their worst. Had to speak up.

Everywhere I look, I see "we are going to be champs!" and "it's laughable to rank us the #27 team in the league!!" and of course, the ever present (if you follow the Lions) excuses---the NFL hates us, the Refs hate us, everyone hates us. Injuries, the weather, Venus is not aligned with Pluto...whatever reason it is the lions were cheated out of their Victory!!

If you read this board you would think it's a Forum for Bengals, fans, or Chiefs' fans , not the Lions. You would think we just knocked out a huge season that was only ended by a loss to the eventual champion Rams, not the 3-13-1 Lions.

Look guys, you made fools of yourselves last year. When the Season started, the OVERWHELMING opinion on this board was the Lions were going to at least win their division. We saw how that ended, 3-13-1. It's really beyond my belief that we are back to this attitude again. The Lions showed , beyond any shadow of any doubt last year, they are an AWFULLY BAD football team with many many holes. During the Last Draft Mel KIper called the Lions defense "all time bad". And they were. And what did they do to fix that historically bad defense? well, not much. They added A. Hutchinson and a good secondary player from Illinois. And Please, do not try to tell me how some player from a HBCU or some LB from Oklahoma st that was on NOBODY'S radar are going to end up being Mean Joe Greene and Dwight White. Just, no. Don't even bother. So unless you believe these 2 guys are going to turn the putrid 2021 Lions defense into the Steel Curtain (which you might as Lions fans seem to believe just about anything), we are looking at pretty much the same D as last year. (Courtesy of Mr. Dan Campbell, he who I am told is the walking re-incarnation of Vince Lombardi....except Vince Lombardi actually won football games.)

Well not so bad maybe give them a chance, say I, a big fan of the 1980 San Diego Chargers who were, ahem, not all about Defense. Maybe the Lions made a major upgrade to their Offense who will provide a nice show every Sunday a La Dan Marino and the !984 Miami Dolphis? Sorry, but that didn't happen either. Changes made to the pop gun, inch worm your way down the field--NEVER throw a pass 25 yards+ (because noodle arm Goff can't do it) offense? None to speak of. Did we draft a future QB? Nope. Even though there was a steal waiting for us in the QB from South Dakota st. (Chris Oladokun). So it's laughable we are the #27 team in the league with David Blough at QB?? Any additions to help our thin offensive line? Nah. Vince Lombard....I mean Dan Campbell didn't think we needed any. Yes, we did add a WR and a TE both with Blown Hamstrings. We didn't even need another TE but Vince Lombardi drafted one anyway...also with a blown hamstring. Why did he do this ? Well Vince...err Dandy Dan said "for depth". Yep, nothing like adding a guy who already has injury problems FOR DEPTH right? We can always cound on someone with a blown hamstring in college to be ready to play. Ah Vince....I Mean Dan, you are really a football genius! So to sum it up, our ridiculous, short pass that doesn't fool anyone offense picked up 2 Receivers with injury problems and not much else. Could Jameson Williams turn into YAC monster with his speed, gobbling up yards after one of wear armed Goff's short tosses? Maybe. Even if he does, it ain't gonna help this sad sack offense much.

Oh, and we got DJ Chark . woopie.

So, a pathetic football team has not gotten much better, under the direction of a pathetic coach. But once again, Lions fans are buying super bowl tickets. Well, all I can do is quote the experts. Caesers sportsbook has them at 7-10. Sports Illustrated is the most generous, at 8-9. Fan duel and draft kings 6-11. I am going 5-12, I think them little bit of talent upgrade they have made will get them 2 more wins than they had last year. So, Kool aid consumers, I will pull this post back out at midseason when Lions are 3-5 and chat some more. Until them, keep positng about what a genius Dan is and how we are a top 10 football team, at least. LMFAO

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