Notes: Detroit Lions voted least attractive fan base

Above is a very good article. Detroit Lions fans voted the least attractive. And No, they don't mean you don't look like Brad Pitt and Kate Beckinsale. They mean the general attitude of Detroit fans. I would expand this to say it covers the fans of the Tigers also. And probably the Pistons.

Why were Detroit fans voted the absolute worst? I have written about it myself on this site many times. Because of the non stop, never ending arrogance smack talk and excuses. No matter how bad the Lions are, their fans act as if they just won the Super Bowl. Years and years roll by with the Lions being a horrendous football team, yet we get nothing but smart ass answers and rude responses from Lions fans. Always assuring us the Lions are "way better than that" and are "One of the best teams in the league.." There is a post exactly like that up now, someone put up a ESPN article that (accurately) predicts the Lions to have a sub par season which the OP calls "a joke" and instructs you to "Read it if you want a laugh". Like the 3-13 Lions have suddenly become the 1979 Pittsburgh Steelers.

See the problem is, Lions fans, if you want to do a lot of smack talk and act arrogantly and continue to say things like "the only reason (insert here) didn't happen is because the NFL refs hate detroit" at some point, you have to BACK IT UP with a good football team. Not the forever in rebuild mode Detroit Lions. Because eventually, your arrogance and continual loud mouth rubs people the wrong way.

I have lived in numerous cities in the USA. And I can tell you this article is bang on target. The opinion other cities have of Lions fans is they are loud mouth and arrogant and full of excuses when their team doesn't win. For some reason, it is just not in the DNA of Detroit people to say be a good sport. To stand up and say "You know what, the Lions suck, but I still support them." Nope. It's always "the refs hate us" "the NFL hates us" "the weather" "Bad calls" "The refs stole the game" "Our (insert here-WR corps, LB corps) is the best in the NFL!!": Hell I have Detroit Tigers fans right now telling me the pitching staff of that 23-34 mess they call a baseball team "Could win the World series !!". Ahem. I think if we had a WS caliber pitching staff, we would not be 23-34. But, that's Detroit Fans. NEVER admit the truth. Just keep talking and talking and telling anyone who doesn't agree they are stupid.

You see what it gets you.

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