Troubling Stat

It's the offseason and there really isn't much to update from now until training camp but I just stumbled across a troubling stat posted by Tim Twentyman on the Lions website.

I'll start by saying I truly like the coaching staff assembled by the Lions right now. I also really like the cohesion from Holmes and the front office with the coaching staff. That is why I found this stat particularly troubling.

During the 2021 season the Lions offense only scored 13 points on their first possession of the second half. (31st in the NFL) They also gave up 52 points on their opponents first drive of the second half. (32nd in the NFL)

As I mentioned I really like this coaching staff but that stat concerns me that they are being out coached with in-game adjustments specifically at half time. Hopefully that changes with a year under the staffs belt and does not become a trend.

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