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Friday open thread: Should the NFL adopt a more NBA approach to their jerseys?

The NBA seems to have this jersey thing down. Should the NFL try and follow their blueprint?

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In just about every conceivable way, the NFL is the king of the modern-day American sports world. The league is talked about throughout the year and is often dominating headlines (sometimes positive, sometimes not), even when there is no actual football to be played.

Soccer is certainly the biggest sport from a global perspective, but it remains an afterthought to the majority of American sports fans.

The NBA is big in the states, although, not as popular as the NFL. And while the NFL edges the NBA in almost every viewership metric, there is one thing that the NBA does far better than the NFL. At least, in my humble opinion.

Jerseys. Or apparel, if we are keeping it broad.

The NBA has city edition jerseys that change every year. Statement editions that provide an alternate colorway for big games. Classic editions that celebrate the franchise’s past. They have this down.

The NFL? Home. Away. Color rush. Clubs can change their jerseys once every five seasons. Not exactly a lot of wiggle room for creativity.

Further than that, at times the NFL can live up to its nickname as the “no fun league” when it fines players thousands of dollars for wearing the wrong color socks or wristbands.

However, we should note that progress is being made, even if it’s slower than we’d like. Number designations that used to restrict a player’s options when it came to picking their uniform number have been amended, and the league has made it ok for teams to have up to two helmets that they can wear on game days.

It’s certainly progress, but still not in the realm of where basketball is in this particular arena. Come on, Roger. Give Adam Silver a call and take some notes.

Today’s Question of the Day is:

Should the NFL adopt a more NBA approach to their jerseys?

My answer: Yes, and the reasoning why is simple. Why not? Teams will make more money from an apparel standpoint, and it will generate additional buzz during the offseason — something the NFL loves to do.

Maybe just start with an annual “city edition” jersey that teams wear a few times a year? Stop handing out silly fines to players for their towels not being in the right place on their pants. Start small and go from there.

What do you think? Should the NFL try and replicate the NBA’s model when it comes to uniforms? Let us know in the comments.


Should the NFL adopt a more "NBA" approach to their jerseys?

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