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NFC North preview: How the Lions stack up vs. their rivals

Is anyone ready to topple the Packers?

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Always be prepared; if you’re going to meet the same people a few times, those are the people you should most be prepared for. In the NFL, divisional foes are the teams you build to fight against. It forms your identity, it defines a given arms-race. You’re not going anywhere if you can fend off your rivals.

The Detroit Lions have not posted a stellar record against NFC North foes in recent years, but with a new regime gearing towards the second year of a rebuild, the Lions are beginning to define themselves more and more. The eternal question remains: how does Detroit stack up against the strengths and weaknesses of the Green Bay Packers, the Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears?

On the latest edition of the Pride Of Detroit PODcast, we’re taking a look at the Black-and-Blue Division as a whole, charting what’s changed for every team up until this summer. We examine who’s gone, who’s come in and how the Lions can exploit weaknesses in their opponents and attempt to negate their biggest threats.

Are the Packers no longer the class of the division without Davante Adams? Can the Vikings make one last stab at greatness, or are they slamming the reset button soon? Will the Bears actually be more embarrassing than last year’s Lions? We’re going to find out, together.

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