Remember those 5 really, really, really bad losses

I just read an article asking fans to think about what would make them feel the team is headed in the right direction. Wins is an obvious measuring stick, but then I started to remember the stinking games when we got blown out. I really hate those games. Any game like those hurts my soul. I hope it hurts all of the fans' souls and the players' too.

PHILADELPHIA beat us 44-6! OUCH! It really, really hurts!

SEATTLE beat us 51-29! Did they ease off of the scoring to make us feel better? Was that a fun game? WHEW that stinks!

DENVER beat us 38-10! PEW WEE! The odor of that game really reeks, doesn't it?

GREEN BAY beat us in the first match up 35-17! That is embarrassing, isn't it?

CINCINNATI clobbered us 34-11! Did our guys go to the wrong stadium or something?

These games are measuring sticks to me. They're like bamboo shoots under the finger nail measuring sticks.

I think the Lions need some sort of retribution.Sure I remember all the close games they lost too. They hurt too, but do you really feel as empty or vanquished as by those games I've listed?

LOS ANGELES RAMS bumped us 28-19. That makes my side ache, but somehow everyone expected it. I'm not good with it, but maybe don't feel horrible.

CHICAGO beat us TWICE; 24-14 and 16-14. They were closer, but losing twice to a division rival makes me want to throw up. This was just as painful to me as losing by 44-6.

PITTSBURGH was a tie 16-16. Why did this game hurt so much too?

INDIANAPOLIS beat us 27-17. Really? That doesn't seem very close and I have to wonder why it happened.

SAN FRANCISCO pasted us for 41 points, although we only lost by 41-33. That still doesn't sound or make me feel very good. Does it you?

Those 6 games after the 5 annihilations still sting and makes me feel really bad.

We did win 3 games, two in the final 4. The point totals for those three victories though sort of pales in comparison to the annihilating events: 96-69. That's a margin of just 12.3 points per game per victory, compared to a margin of 18.2 per game per loss.

I'm writing this not to degrade or embarrass our team. I'm hoping it fires the team up and makes them want to bite some knee caps, shred some teams, and play tougher football than we have in a long, long time. Perhaps, even play some winning football.

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