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Friday open thread: Out of the three other teams in the NFC North, who is your least favorite?

As Detroit Lions fans, we all have our own reasons to dislike the other NFC North teams, but who is your least favorite, and why?

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If you have been a Detroit Lions fan long enough, chances are you have your own, unique reasons as to why you don’t like the other teams in the NFC North.

Maybe you visited Soldier Field as a kid (I’m sorry), and the Lions got flattened on the field, all while you and your family tried your best to shield yourselves from that biting, Lake Michigan wind.

Or perhaps you had a best friend growing up who loved reminding you about how awesome Brett Favre was, and how often the Green Bay Packers won games in comparison to your team.

If you’re a 90’s baby like me, at least we had Barry.

Rivalries like these are a big part of what makes the NFL special. Players and coaches will come and go, but every year, no matter what — the Lions will see their divisional foes two times per season. People within the league like to say divisional games count double, and to an extent, they aren’t wrong. The easiest and most sure-fire way to punch your ticket to the NFL postseason is to win your division.

And with their last division championship coming all the way back in 1993, it’s about time the Lions hoisted a meaningful banner into the rafters of Ford Field...

Alright, enough daydreaming.

Today’s Question of the Day is:

Who is your least favorite NFC North rival and why?

My answer: A few years ago, I likely would have gone with the Chicago Bears. Now, my least favorite team in the division right now is that team in Green Bay, and it isn’t really close.

Most Packers fans I have interacted with, both at Ford Field and in bars across the country, have been nice people. Other times, you may run into a fan who is eager to tell you about how they are an “owner” of the team.

Then there is the case of their starting quarterback...

What about you? Which team irks you the most and why? Let us know in the comments.


Who is your least favorite NFC North rival?

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  • 19%
    Chicago Bears
    (171 votes)
  • 71%
    Green Bay Packers
    (621 votes)
  • 8%
    Minnesota Vikings
    (75 votes)
867 votes total Vote Now

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