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2022 Detroit Lions training camp preview: 5 bold predictions

Taking some bold swings at Detroit Lions predictions before training camp opens up next week.

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In just a few days the Detroit Lions will report to training camp and get the 2022 season underway. With that in mind, it’s now time to get bold. Like spicy A1 steak sauce bold. There are things bolder than that, but that commercial was locked away deep in my memory bank and found its way out. Wait, I know what’s more bold. These predictions! Let’s get into it.

Jared Goff shows up big

If you’ve read anything I’ve written since Jared Goff showed up, then you know I’m firmly captaining the “we may not have seen the best of Jared Goff yet” ship. I’m predicting that ship misses the iceberg, and we won’t have to be stuck in the ocean trying to figure out whether or not there’s extra room on that door. There was, by the way.

Goff showed up late in the 2021 season and looked like a completely different player during that time. The big differences was that he had a different person calling the plays and had some weapons to use. In 2022, he has the weapons and I think Ben Johnson’s offense being tailored around his strengths is only going to help him.

I believe so much in this prediction that I’ll take it a bit further. Jared Goff’s much improved play will be one of the notable NFL storylines on the 2022 season. It all starts with him looking great in camp.

Jameson Williams shows at camp at some point

Dan Campbell recently said that he didn’t see Williams being ready to be with the Lions at the start of camp and I think that’s still spot on. But I’m predicting that Williams winds up showing up at some point during camp. Maybe this one isn’t the boldest, but the belief seems to be that Williams won’t be returning until the season has gotten underway.

Here’s my hedge, though. I think Williams comes back at camp, but I don’t think he’s in the lineup Week 1, maybe not even Week 2 or 3. We’ll see.

Hard Knocks ratings go way up

HBO really nailed it this year. The ratings of Hard Knocks have gone down in recent years with the show following around teams like the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Rams and Chargers. Both teams have a lot of popularity, but did they have the intrigue? Did they have the comedy? Did they have the world falling in love with them? No they did not.

The Lions will bring all of that. The Lions are intriguing because they’re a long-struggling team that’s appearing to be building a strong foundation in an interesting, unique way. They’re also comedic—for good reasons now—because Dan Campbell and company have shown they don’t always have to carry themselves so seriously. Campbell, especially, is a quote machine. The world is falling in love with the Lions because of the two prior reasons. The Lions will send the ratings up. I guarantee it.

Jeff Okudah looks like the third pick

I originally thought about the prediction here being that one day Okudah falls in practice and his face accidentally lands on the kicking tee and when Okudah gets back up, you see his fake eye has fallen out and red robot eye is exposed in front of the world. He then promptly begins his plan for world domination. This guy has to be robot, right? There’s no way this is a human who tore his Achilles.

The real prediction is that Okudah comes out of this injury with flying colors. While the first two seasons of Okudah’s career have not gone well, his work ethic is unmatched and makes you believe a career turnaround is still possible. It’s as if the surgeon finished the surgery and Okudah sprinted out of the operating room and into training. I can’t say I’ve personally seen anything like this.

The Lions trade somebody

I can’t help but shake the idea that Brad Holmes is going to sharpen his pencil and do some more deals during camp. I wouldn’t be shocked to see another vet come in looking to find a spot. A trade seems even more likely though. This isn’t the NBA. It won’t be anything big. My guess has been that the Lions move Quintez Cephus. If not him, then somebody.

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