Build to win NOW, or build to contend for yeeeears

We as a fan base have seen an awful lot of team building philosophies. Some have resulted in playoff births. Some have resulted in 0-16. With every new coach or GM we’re treated to the same old talk about reshaping the roster, new offensive/defensive strategies, some sort of way to re imagine the game.

When Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell took over, the plan was simple and straight forward: this will not be quick and powerful. They were not aiming to go from worst to first. They were given long contracts for the purpose of actually rebuilding this franchise. Tearing it down, and rebuilding it. Goodbye Matt Stafford. In order to do that you cannot simply continue to cycle through head coaches and GMs. This new regime came in with a clear vision. To fully restart this franchise and turn it from a team that’s constantly fighting for a top 5 pick in the draft to a team that is constantly fighting for a top 5 team in the conference.

There’s a plan in Detroit. Clearly the trenches are a huge investment. Just look at their first 2 drafts. But overall, it’s an investment in youth. Look at our free agency acquisitions. Several former first round picks were brought into Allen Park. The talent is clear. They’re betting on this coaching staff to take YOUNG talent and actually develop it into quality pieces. Don’t believe in our coaching staff? Then clearly you quit watching last year. Several UDFA players actually played a massive role for this team.

As long as Sheila doesn’t freak out and let either Brad Holmes or Dan Campbell go too early, this WILL be a team that is constantly an NFC pain in the ass for years to come. See also the Steelers. The Ravens. The Packers. The Chiefs. Our leadership isn’t building a team to all of a sudden rush to a super bowl like last years Bengals. They are building to be a non stop power in the NFC. This upcoming season probably still puts us below that level. But next year? And the years afterward? This team will be a consistent thorn in everyone’s side. This team will be built to not only make the playoffs every year, but they’ll also be the team no one wants to play come November/December. Be patient Lions nation. This team will become an NFC powerhouse. The day will come where teams will fear having to come through Ford Field on their way to a Super Bowl. Not this year. Not next year. But this is the plan people. We all know how ridiculous some of these regimes have been. These guys are building for a long time not a quick time. Hey have we mentioned Aaron Rodgers is old and Jordon Love is terrible? This division is coming up for grabs. It’s ours. It’s Detroit’s for the taking. Keep the faith Lions pride. Keep the faith.

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