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Detroit Lions training camp highlights: Jamaal Williams gives epic speech

Jamaal Williams dropped one of the best pump-up speeches in the Detroit Lions training camp highlight video.

Detroit Lions Training Camp Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

We’ve seen the affable side of Detroit Lions running back Jamaal Williams plenty of times in his year with the team. Whether he’s talking about anime, playing to the cameras, dancing around the field, throwing the football with fans, or comparing the Packers to his ex-girlfriend, he’s always been a source of silly entertainment.

But on Sunday, the Lions released a Week 1 highlight video of training camp, and it reveals a side of Williams we haven’t really seen yet. Williams gives a rousing speech that essentially narrates the back half of the entire video.

Here’s a transcript of the passionate speech in the huddle. (Note: There is R-rated language ahead.)

“Hey, we can only challenge each other. Everybody here, we challenge each other. Offense and defense, this is the best competition we’re going to get. Iron sharpens iron. It’s going to be easy in the game because we’re going against each other. I see too many dogs out here. Offense, we got too many dogs. Defense, you got too many dogs.

“We gonna keep goin. We gonna fight, and let the people know, ‘Don’t fuck with us. We the Lions. ‘ Whatever they think they know about us, they don’t know shit. Every time we go into a game, we gonna lock them fucking gates, and let them know, ‘You stuck with us, because we’re about to bury your ass.’”

If that doesn’t get your blood boiling, nothing will. Although, you can try the Hard Knocks: Detroit Lions trailer, which also dropped this weekend.

View the entirety of the Lions camp highlights here:

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