Unluckiest to Luckiest?

In 2021 and even before that the Lions have seemed always on the wrong side of an outcome that is hard to define as anything but luck. Sure you might say that skill or experience factored into an outcome, but really, at the instant that a play occurs it seems to mostly boil down to either shear determination on the part of one player or that element that is hard to define but recognized most commonly as simple luck.

Who remembers the Hail Mary pass from QB Rodgers to TE Rodgers as Green Bay bested Detroit in the closing seconds? Or how Calvin Johnson seemed to be robbed once if not more often of a TD because of some obscure referee ruling? Then, there's the last play touchdown return against our Lions on more than one occasion. There's also the closing second disappointment time and time again where a far fetched, if not record setting field goal beats us.

I'm sure we all remember so many instances of luck just going against the Lions time, after time, after time.

Can Dan Campbell beat the jinx that has plagued the Lions? I think this is a legitimate question. Sure determination, dedication, focus, intensity, emotion, and desire all play a role - is that the key to unlocking good luck and good fortune for the Lions?

Perhaps more than anything I'm hoping for, is that rather than watching the Lions spring ahead at the start of a game, I'm hoping for them to simply seem to have good luck. Even if they have to come from behind, I dread watching and waiting to see how they can lose a game in the closing minutes. There's probably nothing worse than seeing the seconds tick off the clock and seeing the opponent inch closer and closer to being able to score that last second field goal or TD.

Jamaal Williams cried as he pleaded with his teammates to try as hard as they could, to never give up, to never give in to being too tired or giving anything but their best. It was a passionate and genuine plea that pulled at everyone's heartstrings.

Whatever it takes to change the team's luck, I hope that they find the answer. What would you recommend they do?

Here's some ideas:

1. Post a photo of Bobby Layne with some caption like, "he's back and wants to be with us!"

2. Post a photo of Matt Stafford with some caption like, "I won, you can too!"

3. Post a photo of Calvin Johnson with some caption like, "All's forgiven, I love you guys, now go out there and win!"

4. Post a photo of Barry Sanders with some caption like, "I'm still here and with you too!"

5. Have all the players wear their shirts unwashed from the prior week(s), as long as they win.

6. Have all the players not shave as long as they keep winning, or shave their heads if they lose.

7. Have all the coaches have to do 100 push ups whenever the opposing team scores.

8. Have all the coaches and players sing Kumbaya before every game in the locker room.

9. Play Katy Perry's "Roar" before every game.

10. Play Queen's "We are the champions," at every home half time.

Do you have any other ideas or suggestions? We need good luck!

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