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Detroit Lions ‘Hard Knocks’ episode 3 recap: What Just Happened?

A collection of thoughts on the third episode of Detroit Lions ‘Hard Knocks’

NFL: Detroit Lions at Indianapolis Colts Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Who needs this new “Game of Thrones” show when you have “Hard Knocks”? It’s so sad that we’re beyond the halfway point of the Detroit Lions’ run on this show. Just two episodes left. Nevertheless, the third episode was another banger that I will definitely be watching again.

As always, I have thoughts on this week's episode. These are those thoughts:

Get the dirt of your jeans

The Lions need to get the shit out of their pants. What an interesting way to get a point across. Campbell brought out of pair of his pants and had it covered in dirt. He said the Lions are almost there and they’re going places, but they need to get the dirt of their pants. It’s that last little bit that they need to clean up. I loved this moment.

Alex Anzalone depends

Speaking of shit and pants. Alex Anzalone apparently is coming off diarrhea, and Campbell wanted to make sure that he had his Depends on. Maybe that’s why Anzalone didn’t play against the Falcons?

Obinna Eze

This was a really cool moment in the show. Eze talked about coming from a basketball background and coming over from Nigeria. We got to meet Eze’s passionate wife Yasmeen too. She’s great. It’s crazy that Eze has only played football for seven years, and he’s at this point. There’s definitely still some growing pains and we saw that for sure. Here’s hoping Eze makes the team. He definitely looked good down the stretch in the Lions game against the Colts.


Kalil Pimpleton just got juggling over on premium television. Who would have ever thought such a thing would happen? The team went form booing him to being entirely captivated by his every move. I know my wife and I were on the edge of out seats at home watching him pull off his tricks. By the way, that kid is super fast.

Aaron Glenn and Hutch

What a moment between Aidan Hutchinson and Aaron Glenn. You can tell the Lions just really love Hutchinson and they’re happy they took him.

Joint practice

This is what everyone wanted to see. The Lions and Colts practice on the field of dreams. We started it off with Jamaal Williams almost hitting a toddler with a football and Antwaan Randle-El and Duce Staley talking about how Williams would have to sign over his paycheck.

Then we got to see Williams’ and Zaire Franklin get chippy. I loved the passion between the two. Franklin was definitely holding. Campbell even had to calm him down a bit. You have to love the passion that Williams has.

Where is Duce’s voice?

Is there anything funnier than watching Duce Staley go after his team with no voice? It was hilarious to see him wheeze through that.

Josh Adams

Josh Adams just became a star. Does this count as his HBO Special? Can we call Alex Anzalone Thor now? The roast of Dan Campbell was worth every penny the Lions paid Adams to come out to Indianapolis. Hutchinson really does look like a boy band member circa 1998.

A much better day

The Lions had a bad day against the Colts on Day 1 of joint practices. That is not at all what happened on Day 2. The offense came out swinging and that was nice, but it was the defense that was the star of Day 2. They punished the Colts offense and didn’t allow them to do anything in the red zone. That’s the kind of stuff that really gives you hope. The Lions are able to get better after the bad days.

Craig and his brother

This story took a turn that I wasn’t expecting. I was not aware of this story. Reynolds and his brother had a video call from the prison that his brother is in. Unfortunately, Reynolds’ brother has never seen Craig play football in person. The good thing is that there’s still a great and loving relationship there and Reynolds looks up to his brother still. Even if it isn’t the same way that he used to. A really beautiful segment.

He said “Golly!”

If you remember our “Hard Knocks” drinking game, that means you need to take a shot. I was really happy to see David Blough’s redemption. Blough needed this moment in the game after the fumble against the Falcons and he got it.

Fly the plane

It’s too bad that nobody got a punch-out. It would have been nice to see if Chase Lucas could indeed fly that Delta plane home. This is the stuff I love about Dan Campbell. Just these little funny things he says to himself without realizing other people can hear him.

There is nothing like winning

Inject Dan Campbell speeches after a win into my veins. I’ve never heard of half the games he was talking about, but it was awesome to hear him say all that. The Lions are going up and good things are happening. You can just feel it with this team. When you hear Campbell talk to his players after a win, you can see why the team feels that too.

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