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12 best quotes from episode 3 of Detroit Lions ‘Hard Knocks’

Breaking down the 12 best quotes from Dan Campbell and company during the third episode of “Hard Knocks.”

Indianapolis Colts Training Camp Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Episode three of “Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Detroit Lions” was one of the funnier episodes of the season—with even a stand-up comedian making an appearance. Between Dan Campbell talking about adult diapers, Duce Staley’s squeaky, raspy voice, and rookie cornerback Chase Lucas talking trash, there was plenty of entertainment to be had.

But this episode also had some pathos. This week, “Hard Knocks” finally introduced us to some of the players on the roster bubble and gave them the backstories that are always important to keep in mind, because when cuts come next week, these are people losing out on job opportunities. We can never lose sight of that.

With all of that in mind, here are the 12 best quotes from episode three of ”Hard Knocks.”

1. “That’s the last little bit we’ve got to get over. We’re going places, man. There’s no doubt about it, man. You can already see it. I’ve got a fucking clear vision for where this team is going. But I know this, if we really want to go where we want to go, we’ve got to get all the rest of this fucking shit out of our stuff, man. All this dirt, everything that’s in our fucking jeans. This last bit of losing has got to get out of here.” — Dan Campbell

We’ve got to kick things off with another epic Dan Campbell speech. After failing to close out the opening preseason game against the Falcons, Campbell preached about the importance of finishing games. But his tone wasn’t of disappointment or frustration. Like most of Campbell’s speeches, they are laced with optimism, and it’s hard not to get pumped up when you hear him talking about getting rid of that last bit of negative culture.

That said, the pants gag was a little hokey. But that’s the Dan Campbell experience, part hokey, part intense, always himself.

“Alex, you got your Depends on this morning? It’s vital. Coming off of diarrhea, you’ve always got to wear the Depends.” — Campbell

We’ve got our second mention of diarrhea this season, after Jamaal Williams made a ridiculous “running through them like diarrhea’ joke in episode one.

“I think the biggest thing that I’ve been looking forward to in all seven years I’ve been in America is just the opportunity and being able to afford to go back home to Nigeria to see my mom, to see my dad. I haven’t been able to do that ever since I came to America.” — Obinna Eze

This week focused highly on undrafted rookie tackle Obinna Eze. While Eze remains a bit of a long shot to make the roster, this was a great reminder that for some of these players, training camp is about more than making a football team. This is a life-changing opportunity for some.

It was also heartwarming to follow the preseason game against the Colts through his wife’s eyes.

“I don’t want fights, man. You start an all-out brawl, you’re done. You’re out, and your evaluation is over. But I do want us fucking going, man. This fucking two days is everything. We’re looking for warriors.” — Campbell

As hard-nosed as Campbell can be at times, it was interesting to see him draw a hard line for his team during joint practices. He wants intensity, he wants fire, but if any player crossed a line, they were gone. And the players met that challenge.

“Everything I thought about you, it’s good to know it’s real. It’s good to know it’s real, brother. I'm serious when I say this. Because a lot of time when you get guys you don’t get their true self, and man, you stand true to that.” — Aaron Glenn on Aidan Hutchinson

Dan Campbell had a similar quote about Hutchinson in episode two. It’s clear this coaching staff got everything they wanted and expected in Hutchinson and maybe more. More than anything, they appreciate Hutchinson’s authenticity—something this regime values highly.

“This shit’s fun, man.” — Malcolm Rodriguez

Rodrigo is fun, man. This kid just loves the game of football and plays like it. I expect to see a lot of 44 jerseys in the stands by the end of the year.

“We got our fucking ass kicked, and that’s not up to our fucking standards. If you liked what the fuck happened today, you don’t need to fucking be here. Because I don’t fucking like it.” — Duce Staley

This was only part of Staley’s long diatribe following the first day of joint practices. Staley was not happy, but as a viewer, you couldn’t help but smile and giggle as his voice—which was absolutely shot—squeaked his way through that impassioned speech.

“Getting up like, ‘I messed my wrist up.’ Nah, you was bullshitting. You old as hell, that’s what it is.” — comedian Josh Adams on Campbell’s up-downs.

Neat idea for the Lions to bring in a stand-up comedian to break the tension of high-intensity joint practices. And kudos to Josh Adams, who absolutely killed it.

“He’s been in prison since I was in sixth grade, so pretty much since I was 12. He’s never seen me play a football game, so ever since I was little that was the goal.” — Craig Reynolds on his brother Eric

“I’ve made enough mistakes for you, for me, and for 1,001 other people. So at this point and time, Craig, you need to continue moving forward.” — Eric Reynolds

“Hard Knocks” did a brilliant job with the surprise reveal in this scene. What at first seemed like just a normal Facetime between brothers turned out to be a much more compelling story. Die-hard Lions fans may remember this story from earlier this year, but the bond between Craig and his incarcerated brother Eric was fascinating to see, and for Craig to use the motivation of his brother hopefully one day seeing him play in person is that kind of storyline that will endear an entire fanbase to you.

“They got their fucking teeth pulled this week and their ass kicked at the same time. So they might change up some shit. Who gives a fuck? We the Lions and we hunt.” — Staley

Working on a “Who gives a fuck? We the Lions and we hunt” t-shirts right now.

“If anybody gets a punch out here, they can fly the plane home themselves. They can literally pilot the fucking plane.” — Campbell

This may have been Campbell’s best quote of the series, and that’s saying something. But apparently, that wasn’t enough motivation, as the Lions still haven’t forced a takeaway in the preseason.

“You a little boy, 12. You a toddler playing a grown man’s game.” — Chase Lucas

This was a perfect clip of Chase Lucas, who is always one of the loudest players on the field when he’s out there despite being a rookie. He does not lack a single iota of confidence, and he’ll let you know about it.