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INTERVIEW: Glover Quin shares thoughts on coachless practices, Jeff Okudah

Lions legend Glover Quin joined the podcast to talk about Dan Campbell, his methods, and his thoughts on Jeff Okudah and Tracy Walker.

Cleveland Browns v Detroit Lions

Former Detroit Lions safety Glover Quin has always been one to speak his mind. Back during his playing days with the Lions, he would make himself available to the media for the entire 45-minute locker room session every Wednesday during the week and would always give honest answers.

On this Wednesday evening, Quin joined our podcast to do just that: offer his honest opinions on several topics surrounding the Detroit Lions.

Quin, who is now the co-host of his own Lions podcast called “Bleav in Lions,” gave a particularly interesting answer when we asked him about the value of a coachless practice, as the Lions ran on Monday. Quin admitted he’s never heard or seen anything like that, but he understands what the Dan Campbell was trying to accomplish.

“He kinda wants to see, are you guys going to take it easy on yourselves or are you going to say, ‘We gotta go out here and put some work in. This ain’t playing around. Coach letting us run practice. Are just going to lolligag and have fun or whatever it is we doing?’” Quin said. “No, Coach is trying to see are you guys going to go out there and prepare like veterans, like mature athletes that understand the task at hand in this season that we’re approaching.”

Quin also provided some insight into the development of Tracy Walker’s game—a player he played alongside of for one season in Detroit.

“Can he make plays? Yes,” Quin said. “I want to see him make more plays. I want to see him not be okay with just making a tackle. Try to get the ball out.”

You can listen to our entire conversation with GQ below, as we get into a lot more topics like third-year cornerback Jeff Okudah, while Quin shares some great stories from his playing days.

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