Can someone explain the Detroit fan base to me

Greetings hopefully someone here can help me understand. I was born in Detroit but have lived in other cities and I just do not understand the fan base in Detroit of all the teams, lions or tigers or Pistons. When I live in other cities the fans are pretty honest with themselves and if their team is no good they just say that they're not very good and maybe we'll be better in the future. But that's not how it is in Detroit. I've been on YouTube on different lions channels they are like micro Mike and others and it's just baffling to me. You know the people on there are just ranting and raving about how the lions are going to the Super Bowl and they're going to win at least 10 games this year and the Chiefs are are planning and coaching to play them in the Super Bowl which is just ridiculous. I think the Lions will be better and I hope that maybe they can get to eight or nine wins. But we still got some work to do here before we start buying Super Bowl tickets. But not according to Detroit fans I've seen people posting how the lions are better than the 1999 greatest show on Turf Rams how they're the best team in the division they've got the best offensive line in football and when I disagree I get my head ripped off. I get all kinds of hate directed at me and profanity and yelling and swearing and f-bombs and I get called trash and garbage. You know why do people in Detroit act like this? Why the temper tantrums and the childish behavior and the swearing and insisting that a 3 and 13 football team is going to win the Super Bowl and compare them to the 1978 Pittsburgh Steelers? Is there some law against dealing with reality here? I haven't been on those site for a while but I came back because the people on here are like football Genius polite nice people compared to the the raving lunatics on YouTube who will run you off their site if you don't agree with them that the Lions you know should be 10-point favorites over the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. For example my favorite baseball team is the Oakland A's and they they're terrible I don't have a problem admitting that they suck they're probably worse than the Tigers I don't understand why that's so difficult for Lions fans to to say?

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