Post Family Fest 53 Man Prediction

Offense :

QB : Goff, Boyle, Blough

Boyle needs to start processing a split second faster because after all he’s not a rookie anymore, but he is still IMO the more NFL caliber option to start if Goff goes down.

RB : Swifty, Swaggy, Jefferson, Craig Reynolds, Cabinda

This is a solid group. Iggy, although great on special teams, doesn’t quite make the cut and goes to the PS.

OL : Decker, Jonah Jackson, Ragnow, Big V, Sewell, Nelson, Evan Brown, and Kraemer.

We have other quality backups in Skipper, and Stenberg. Also Eze looks promising as a developmental OT. However, I think the Lions only keep 8 OL.

TE : Hock, Wright, Mitchell

These are prolly the three that stick.

WR: Chark, Sun God, The Praying Mantis, Khalif, QC, Benson

I would love to keep Tom Kennedy but I just can’t find a way.

*** Once Jamo is ready to come back . . . They might just try and stash Blough on the PS and go 2 QB’s and 7 WR’s ?

Defense :

*** Note: Hard to project a roster on defense this year because they have got so many

" hybrid " type players . . .

And also key injuries to guys like Romeo Okwara and Jerry Jacobs who would otherwise be locks to make the 53.

DE : Hutch, Romeo Okwara, Paschal, Charles Harris, Eric Banks

DT : Big Mac, Levi, Brock

Hybrid DE / DT : Cominsky

Hybrid DE / OLB : Julian Okwara, Austin Bryant, James Houston

LB : Anzalone, Board, Barnes, Rodriguez

S : T Walker, DeShon Elliot, Joseph, Iffy

CB : Amani, Okudah, Harris, Hughes, A J Parker

*** Once Jerry Jacobs comes back healthy . . . ?? Tough call on who they would cut ?

Maybe James Houston could pass to the PS ?

Special Teams :

K : Seibert

P : Fox

LS : Daly

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