7 Players 2022 Weigh-In and Role Changes

The official team page has updated players weights from last year. The vast majority are the same as last year or +/- 5lbs. However, there are a few players who's weigh ins changed more than that from last year. I think it indicates their intended role changes on the team for the coming season. Especially considering the new defensive scheme.

D-Line/EDGE: This is clearly the group that is changing the most in roles from 2021 to 2022 and with it comes players using the off-season to transform their bodies.

  • Jashon Cornell was previously listed at 274lbs and now listed at 300lbs. Cornell is now clearly an interior defensive lineman not a defensive end.
  • Eric Banks was previously listed at 274lbs but is now listed at 289lbs. A long shot to make the 53-man roster but highlighted in players who stood out at the scrimmage on Saturday. I expected him to compete for the base defensive end position behind Hutch, Romeo Okwara?, Pashel, Bryant (see below) and Cominsky. That roll has really become crowded. However, I think he bulked up in an attempt to become an interior pass rushing specialist instead.
  • Austin Bryant who I thought would compete as a base end. Weighed in at the combine as 271lbs a few years ago. He was listed last year at 263lbs and is now listed at 250lbs. This is the same weight as Charles Harris and the weight that Julian Okwara once was (see below). He is clearly now making an impact as the second team Rush End.
  • Julian Okwara was listed at 245 and is now down to 239lbs. During off-season workouts he was clearly trimmer than off-the-ball linebackers like Jared Davis. I really don't think that he is considered a Rush EDGE anymore like Charles Harris and Austin Bryant. Now Okwara is an Outside Linebacker/situational rusher/coverage player like Pittman and Houston.

Offense: Much less changes here. I only find two notes I find interesting.

  • Craig Reynolds lost ~10lbs going from 225lbs to 216lbs. Reports indicate that he is being more used in the passing game as well as a ball carrier like he was last year. This clearly has him above Justin Jefferson on the depth chart so far. I'm honestly not sure how I feel about this change. I liked him as the bigger between the tackles back like Jamaal Williams.
  • Amon-Ra St Brown gained five pounds going from 197lbs to 202lbs. This one is not-picky and really does not exceed my 5lbs threshold. But may indicate a long term plan. At six foot and now over 200lbs I wonder if his long term role may be more on the outside than inside as a small shifty inside receiver? Look at it this way: He is only an inch shorter and a couple of pounds lighter than outside receiver Cephus. Or, consider: The Lions currently have six other receivers that are smaller than him on their roster. I'm sure he will be the starting slot with Chark and Reynolds on the outside. I wonder if they will shift him outside more and more often?

Special teams:

  • Austin Seibert lost over 10lbs going from 211lbs to 200lbs.He seems to be kicking better and I think is now leading the competion vs Patterson.

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