Predictions for the first 5 games

So I was looking at the schedule and I was thinking about the lions will do before we hit our Bye Week in Week 6 and I think it is plausible that we could end up starting 5-0 or 4-1 before the bye.

These are our first 5 games:

Week 1: Philly at home. Philly has a talented team but they are beatable. We have the weapons to stretch out their defense and that will nullify their strength which is the running game.

Week 2: Washington at home. This is a game I expect us to win. Was are less talented than Philly and I am not sold on Wentz as their Qb. Plus we are at home

Week 3: At Minnesota. This is tough one for sure but again it is a divisional game so anything can happen plus if last year is any indication this could go either way

Week 4 Seattle. They just lost their Qb. This team has a lot of questions and again we are at home. This is a game we should win.

Week 5: At New England. This will be tough because of Belichek and plus we are at Foxbourough. I would say we lose this one.

Based off these 5 games we should at worst be 3-2. But I expect us to be 4-1 as I see us stealing either the Minesota game or New England game.

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