My List of Top 5 Matters

Everyone should draw some conclusions from what they see of a game and think about what matters the most. I hope everyone maybe saw some of the same things, but ideally they saw some different things too so I hope that this article will generate more thoughts and responses. Please let me know what you thought and why.

My biggest thoughts stem from the early part of the game. We ran and ran and ran some more without getting the passing game going. I loved it that Swift broke loose and got a 50 yard run. I loved how Williams hammered it home for the TD. I just thought we'd see some passing too. That series early on where after we scored, and held the Eagles off from scoring but then were held to three and done, really hurt. We should have opened up a lead and I think passing in this situation should have been emphasized. Even if it is short yardage screen passing, I think it would have opened up the offense more for more effective running. It was crucial to me to keep the momentum, and we let it go when we let the Eagles come back to tie the score. If you have a chance to go two scores up, that is the biggest time to really press it in my opinion.

Point two, why did Goff throw short for Hockenson who broke long? Why was this so badly communicated? Who blew it? Was there some play action or at the line call? Did the coaching staff get upset about it, or wash over it? I'm not trying to cause dissension, but this looked bad and shouldn't happen, even in the first game. Hockenson needs to shine and the Lions need him to shine so much! Goff also needs to shine and having a dangerous TE weapon is a very important part of our overall offense. Campbell was a TE, how did he read this play? How upset was he? I would like to know more.

Rodrigo blocking and tossing Jason Kelce to the ground was impressive! I loved the tape from two different angles on the play. Bryant being able to close the play, was great too. One play doesn't make a season of course, but I loved the play as an indicator of just how tough and good Rodriguez might be. I hope we continue to see this from him. I think it inspires the whole team too. In some ways I think it came out by Walker's play too - I think he was just overly aggressive and things got away from him, but he and Rodrigo seem like they are really intense.

Of course Walker's play has to be mentioned on its own. Did I miss see it? Was it as intentional as the claims? Was the hit aimed? Was the response afterwards fanned by the opponent? Where were the Lions? Shouldn't some of his team mates gotten involved to pull him away? I think Walker made a play statement. I think there was frustration with how much Hurt was hurting us. I think Walker wanted to hit him to make a statement, but I'm not inclined to think he wanted to try to injure him. What do others think about it? I think we should want our players to want to bite some knee caps and let the opponent know that trying to make plays against us will hurt. Did Walker get into it after the play and should the rest of the team feel they let him down? I think somebody should have been there to settle Walker down.

Defense is still not closing things down. Why? Someone asked for AG to be replaced. Was the play calling bad? Was the scheme bad? What would you say should or could have been different? Why didn't we get any sacks? Why didn't we create any fumbles? Is the D hunting? Where was the defense weakest? Is AG leading things the right way? I am really not happy about the points allowed?

Those are the points that stick out most for me. What are your biggest concerns, thoughts, and, or points?

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