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‘Ask a Detroit Lions player’ returns: Chase Lucas, James Houston edition

With locker room access restored, now is your chance to ask a Detroit Lions player any question!

NFL: AUG 08 Detroit Lions Training Camp Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This year marks the return of locker room access for reporters, both during the week and after games. With almost all COVID-related policies dropped in the NFL, reporters, once again, have intimate access to players and coaches in a way that was lost over the past two seasons.

Assuming that everyone stays healthy, this is great news for football fans. Locker room access allows reporters and players to talk on an intimate level, developing trust and kinship that allows these players’ stories to be told in a way that just can’t be done over the phone, or by Zoom, or in group scrums.

You may remember that back when we first had access to the locker room we had started a new series entitled “Ask a Detroit Lion.” We got to know why Tracy Walker loves the movie “Space Jam,” got restaurant advice from Da’Shawn Hand, heard Trey Flowers’ Netflix recommendations, and had Graham Glasgow grade mustaches around the NFL.

We’re reviving the series this year, and this week I’m going to be targeting two Detroit Lions rookies: cornerback Chase Lucas and defensive end James Houston.

So in the comment section below, send me your questions, and I’ll compile a list of the best ones to ask each player. Try to be creative and interesting with your questions, and be sure to let me know which question is for which player (it can be for both!)