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WATCH: Lions DE Charles Harris mic’d up vs. Eagles

The Detroit Lions offer a behind-the-scenes look at Sunday’s loss to the Eagles in a neat mic’d up segment.

Syndication: Detroit Free Press Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

On-field audio is some of the best content the NFL produces. It gives you an intimate look at the action that you cannot pick up with television broadcasts or even if you’re at the game—no matter how close your seats are.

Thankfully, every week the Detroit Lions put up this sort of content, putting a microphone on one of their players, giving fans an on-the-field experience. That helps us showcase how the players are feeling at any point in the game, and gives us up-close access to conversations we’d never be privy to.

This year’s “Sights and Sounds” series kicks off with Lions defensive end Charles Harris mic’d up during the 38-35 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. While it was a quiet day for Harris—both literally and on the stat sheet—the seven-minute video is still interesting to watch.

One of the cooler parts of this week’s feature is highlighting Lions radio play-by-play caller Dan Miller. Miller is often highlighted in these mic’d up segments, but purely used for his voice to narrate the action. In this video, we get to actually see Miller himself getting into the action. We see that his enthusiasm isn’t just in his voice, but he is physically getting into the action—at one point literally pointing to the crowd after an Eagles false start and saying, “Ford Field, that’s you! That’s you doing that!”

There are also a couple of entertaining moments from Harris. The best of which is him reacting to Jared Goff’s third-down scramble late in the game.

“Who said he’s not a runner,” Harris said with a shocked look on his face.

Watch the entire segment, courtesy of the Lions, here: