Lions' OL I think still beats Com's DL

I wrote this as a response to one of the discussions already posted about the Lions' OL injuries but I wanted to make sure that everyone that might want to see the review had the chance:

OL options:
LT Decker - enough said
LG Stenberg - probably a reasonable assumption to start
OC Brown - again very probable
RG Sewell, Forbes, and Awosika are options; it seems very possible that Sewell moves inside
RT Sewell, Skipper, and Forbes are options; if Sewell kicks inside, don't be surprised to see Skipper start at RT

I don't know the exact match-ups the Commanders will throw at the Lions, but it seems like it might give the Lions the best and most experienced front with Skipper at RT and Sewell moved inside. Brown is obviously a pretty good replacement option that I feel pretty good about. Stenberg flipping to the LG spot seems like his more natural or familiar position.

Seems like the Lions would have 7 active O-Linemen for the game with Jackson, Ragnow, and Vaitai off the active roster count.

If an in-game injury occurred, here's how the matrix would likely look:

LT Decker's back-up would be Skipper
LG Stenberg's back-up would be Forbes or Awosika
OC Brown's back-up would be Forbes
RG Sewell's back-up would be Forbes or Awosika
RT Skipper's back-up would be Sewell or Forbes

Again player match-ups and how in-game play unfolds would dictate substitutions. With the Commander's currently available, their defensive personnel look something like this according to Yahoo:

LDE James Smith-Williams 6-4 265 25 3rd yr
Shaka Toney 6-2 238 23 2nd yr
LDT Daron Payne 6-3 320 25 5th yr
Daniel Wise 6-3 285 26 2nd yr
RDT Jonathan Allen 6-3 300 27 6th yr
Efe Obada 6-6 265 30 5th yr
RDE Montez Sweat 6-6 262 26 4th yr
Casey Toohill 6-5 254 26 3rd yr

Our match-ups based on my projection has these demographics:

ROT Dan Skipper 6-10 320 27 4th yr
ROG Penei Sewell 6-5 335 21 2nd yr
OC Evan Brown 6-3 320 26 4th yr
LOG Logan Stenberg 6-6 312 25 3rd yr
LOT Taylor Decker 6-7 320 29 7th yr

The size match-ups favor Detroit across the board. Skipper is 55 to as much as 88 lbs heavier than either defensive left end. Sewell is 15 to 50 lbs bigger than either left defensive tackle. Brown is an even match to Payne and has 20 lbs on Allen. Stenberg would be 8 lbs lighter than Payne but 32 lbs heavier than Wise. Decker is 58 to 66 lbs heavier than either of the Commander's right defensive ends.

Although smaller and lighter might translate to quicker and more agile, I think the match-ups still favor the Lions even with their back-ups stepping in to start. Fortunately, Washington is missing their top defensive lineman Chase Young. Their biggest lineman Daron Payne is also listed as questionable with a groin injury, so the Commanders might look even smaller most of the game too.

I wish I could provide some qualitative analysis of each match-up similar to that of PFF, but I think from reputation Montez Sweat is likely the biggest name player the Lions will need to watch out for on their DL. Their linebackers don't seem to pose a existential threat - they all seem like normal or regular level NFL players. Their secondary appears a bit more formidable, but they should be pretty occupied by the Lions' receivers if all goes well.

If the Lions can dominate the the line on offense, I would imagine we'd have an excellent offensive day. I am hoping that the Lions put a lot of points on the board - similar to Week 1.

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