Why the Detroit Lions will be scary going forward

The Dan Campbell era has been a very fun era. He had the kneecap biting pressers, the crying at the press conferences, and shows a genuine love for the guys that just can't be faked. But it is not just about Campbell and this coaching staff though. Look at the makeup of this team:

Jared Goff- was dumped by LA and everyone is writing him off as an afterthought

Amon-Ra St.Brown:A 4th round pick that got passed over for.many other receivers.

Charles Harris: A former first round pick that was thought be a bust before he got here.

Jeff Okudah: A player who has battled through an Achilles injury and had to fight not only for a starting role but a roster spot and has done it admirably so far.

Josh Reynolds: Another journeyman who has carved out a role for himself

and of course:

Dan Skipper: trying to make the league for 6 years

If you look at the roster a glaring theme that sticks out to me is that all these guys have been rejects in some capacity and have something to prove. Even premier guys like Hutch and Swift give off that vibe of having a chip on their shoulder. This team combined with the our coaching staff has the potential to turn into something very dangerous and I am here for it.

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