What does the Philly Victory over the Vikings Mean?

I'm writing this before the game is even over, but it seems that Philly is dominating Minnesota, so I have to ask what does this mean for game day when the Lions face off against the Vikings?

If Philly barely beat Detroit, but hammers the Vikings, doesn't it mean the Lions have a chance of doing likewise to win their second game?

There's an old saying, "don't count your chickens before they hatch," but it seems to bode well with the outcome that Philadelphia is producing.

I'd love to hear others' comments and critique of what we might expect to see from the Vikings as they have a short week to prepare for the Lions.

Does the trouncing motivate the Vikings to play better? Does the game motivate the Lions even more? Do the strengths Philadelphia countered provide insight into what the Lions' D has to do?

I think a lot depends on the Lions offense. Can they rack up another 35 points, or more? How does the Minnesota defense compare to the Philadelphia defense?

It really has me hoping that another Lions victory is possible.

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