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Aidan Hutchinson downplays thigh injury: ‘It’ll be fine’

Detroit Lions rookie Aidan Hutchinson doesn’t expect his thigh injury to be a nuisance on Sunday vs. the Vikings.

Syndication: Detroit Free Press Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

Detroit Lions rookie Aidan Hutchinson returned to the practice field on Friday after missing the previous two practices with a thigh injury, and all signs point to him playing this week against the Minnesota Vikings. When asked if he was feeling any side effects of the injury, he responded, “I don’t think so. I’m feeling good.”

Hutchinson isn’t sure when or how he suffered the injury during last week’s game against the Washington Commanders but obviously felt the pain grow throughout the final half of the game.

“One play, I got up and it hurt a little bit and then the next thing you know it got a little worse,” Hutchinson said.

It’s never good for a young player like Hutchinson to miss any practice, but coach Dan Campbell didn’t sound too worried about just a couple of missed sessions.

“it’s always better to practice, so you get the looks, the live looks, but I’m not concerned because he’s mentally—he’s in it,” Campbell said. “He’s a visual learner.”

And during those two days out, Hutchinson didn’t grow complacent. He hit the film room extra hard.

“I was taking a lot of mental reps and watching a lot of film, watching more film than I usually do to compensate for the lack of practice,” Hutchinson said.

Hutchinson said he’s played through similar injuries before, adding that he thinks, “It’ll be fine.”

As for how it may impact any facet of his game—like his get-off or if he’ll have to compensate his technique at all—Hutchinson said that will not be on his mind on Sunday.

“Come game time, I don’t think we’ll be thinking about that.”