All is not Lost

This was a tough one to lose. As I think about the game and look at the ESPN stats shown below, a few good things and a few not so good things come to mind.

The Good:

The make shift O-Line held up pretty well. No sacks allowed, only 2 QB hits.

Offense:139 rushing yards with 2 rushing TD's.

Goff played good enough to win.

Defense held Cook to under 100 yards. Although he did leave early with an injury.

Defense held Justin Jefferson 3 catches for 14 yards

Jeff Okudah had another very good game

The not so Good:

Defense: only had one sack and allowed Cousins to be comfortable most of the game.

Too many penalties by Amani O.

Our field goal kicking game.

The 4th down decision towards the end of game to kick a 54 yard field goal instead of going for it or punting. DC to his credit admitted it was a very poor choice that probably cost the team a win.

After a big gain by Minnesota with under a minute to go calling our last time out to help the defense regroup. Unfortunately the next play was a Cousins to Osborn TD.

More Injuries.


Most of the expert's pre-season predictions had us losing this game so this shouldn't be a huge surprise. Especially at Minnesota. We're only in year two of a major rebuild. We played hard and put up a good fight. DC will learn from this game and will be better from it. I still feel we're on the right track!

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