Dan makes a decision.

Dan Campbell made a decision to turn the playbook over to Ben Johnson. At the time it was probably thought to be a good move. Now he may be wondering if it was the right decision.

Ben calls some awesome plays. That is a great talent to have. A toolbox of Offensive plays that are unrecognizable, and almost unstoppable, are an asset to any offensive co-ordinator.

The question is, does Ben have the Tactical mind to set those plays up for a 60 minute game, with all the changing circumstances. I'm not so sure he does, and I wonder if Dan is sure either.

I would think he is following a procedure that is commonly used, such as, if the ball is in at certain position with a 3rd and 5 with 5 minutes left of the 4th Quarter. You must do this, or this, and never this.

Many brilliant minds will overlook that NEVER THIS rule and make it an option. Dan Campbell is one of those guys and I'm not sure that Ben Johnson is.

After watching the Detroit vs Minnesota game today we saw, followed one after another, numerous 3 and outs, and a 4 and out.. The real problem was, the time left in the game, and Ben was trying to run time off the clock. Ben called run play after run play instead of what had been gaining first downs.

This tactic was employed for approximately 10 minutes, way too long for that tactic to be effective. That is playing to not lose, instead of playing to win, and it seldom works.

As time goes on, perhaps he will be able to recognize the error of overusing a certain play set that other teams can predict coming. That certainly didn't seem to be the case against Minnesota.

I expect Seattle to be another run the ball team. The game plan will reveal what the Lions think the game plan was that Seattle had planned. We'll know that by the way we call the game from our perspective.

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