3 and OUT.

All right enough already. They came to the game with the cards they were dealt.

The Offense has been putting up more points per game than almost anybody. Also Swift has been running on a bum ankle. The Oline is what it is, and it's working no matter how much we bitch about it.

The Defense played well enough to hold Philly scoreless in the first quarter. Philly blew up in the second Quarter leading 24-14 at the half. Our Offense struggled hanging onto the ball and created 3 and outs numerous times in the second Quarter. Making the Defense come back out time after time to the point of exhaustion. The second half they outscored us in the 3rd Quarter 14 to 7 making the score 38-21 going into the 4th. In the 4th our team woke up and played as a team we scored 14 points ending the game at 35-38 losing by three. The thing that we need to realize is the offense was having long dry spells and letting the other team catch up. We scored 5 TD's, great, our defense shut them out in the 1st and 4th quarters, but the offense couldn't stay on the field long enough to keep Philly from having control of the ball.

The same thing happened at Washington. We had a 22-0 lead at the half, a shutout. Nothing wrong with that D. The Offense hits a drought, giving up a bunch of 3 and out and they score 27, never catching up but it's close. Again our defense has 2 shutout quarters.

Minnesota got shut out in the 1st quarter, while we scored, we scored once again in the 2nd while they scored twice. We came out in the 3rd and shut them out again taking a ten point lead. In the 4th we gave up numerous 3 and outs by the offense. And lost at the end as they scored 14 points in the 3rd to our 0.

The defense is doing their job. But they can't keep doing it repeatedly, time after time, with little or no help from the offense with them keeping the ball, and then scoring something instead of giving it back right away.

It's not all Dan's fault. It's not all Ben doing. It's not only on the Defense, or the Offense. It's the entire team learning to work together as a unit.

It's Special Teams nailing every punt, along with making all of our makable FG's. The coverage from ST's pinning the other team back on punts and kickoffs. thats what wins games. Working as a team.

We need to limit the three and outs to absolutely no more than one in a row.

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