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PODcast 7th anniversary show: 2022 Detroit Lions season preview

The season is here, the PODcast is here.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a long road to get to the season, but it’s now upon us. Inside a week, within spitting distance, the clarion call, the chant of FOOTBALL.

The Pride Of Detroit PODcast is not back because it never left. That said, on Sept. 10 we turn seven years old. It’s been a crazed, wild ride with all the friends, family and ridiculous messes we’ve made for ourselves along the way. The PODcast has withstood three head coaches and all the kinds of misadventures our crew has suffered. Now, in the eighth season covering Lions football, the PODcast stands ready to charge again.

This is our big season preview podcast. It is a good 20 minutes of unalloyed hopium and kool-aid, followed by another 20 minutes of pessimism and cold water, topped with 20 more minutes of predictions and prognostication. Everything we have learned this offseason, preseason and so forth is congealed within. We are ready to put all the previewing behind us and charge straight into reacting to every game.

We’ve had an unprecedented amount of growth over the past year. Many of our 2021 numbers have already been beaten for this year. Now, we want you along for the ride. Join us live on Twitch on Sundays after the games, or download the podcasts on your favorite podcast platforms. The choice is yours. Thank you again.

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