NFL Power Rankings, Week 1: Eagles, Lions rising heading into 2022 season; Cowboys slipping


The time for endless speculation is over. No more training camp dispatches or preseason guesswork. It's time for the real thing. On Thursday night, the top two teams in the Power Rankings will square off at SoFi Stadium, and it will be glorious. Bills versus Rams. Gorgeous. Fourteen more games on Sunday and a corker of a Monday night matchup between the Broncos and Seahawks -- Russ Bowl I. Let's ride. The good news continues 'round these parts: On Tuesday, Colleen Wolfe and I will roll out the premiere episode of the Power Rankings Podcast, which will be available to you each week through the Super Bowl. Read the Power Rankings on, then listen to me explain in further detail why I made the decision that branded me -- in your mind anyway -- an idiot.