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Are you confident the Detroit Lions are headed in the right direction?

The Detroit Lions are one of the most hyped teams in the NFL right now, but how confident are you that they’re headed in the right direction?

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Coming off the season finale of HBO’s “Hard Knocks”, and for all intents and purposes, a successful offseason, the Lions have a bright, positive spotlight shining down on them right now.

But despite all the hype, it’s important to not get the cart too far ahead of the horse here, because they are still in Year 2 of a complete organizational rebuild and have yet to play a single snap in their second season under coach Dan Campbell.

Still, it’s hard to fault fans for being optimistic. “Hard Knocks” has given football fans across the nation a glimpse behind the scenes of what the revamped Lions organization is all about, and based on the exit interviews of the released/waived players in Episode 5, the change in culture is not just lip service.

“By the way, just want to say I appreciate you having me here,” undrafted rookie offensive tackle Obinna Eze said to Campbell and general manager Brad Holmes after being waived. “You know, man, like I tell some of the guys in the locker room, I see what y’all are doing here, both of y’all. You know, you’re building a winning program, but also you’re building a culture where men can be themselves. I see that, and I appreciate that.”

So where are you at? Are you confident the Lions are headed in the right direction? Vote in our Reacts survey below: