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Detroit Lions fans list the team’s biggest accomplishments in 2022

From dominating the division to changing the perception of the franchise, the Detroit Lions were not short on big accomplishments in 2022.

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When the calendar passes over into a new year, many seek out the tradition of setting new goals and resolutions for the 12 months ahead. But, in my opinion, it’s just as important to look back on the previous year and evaluate all of your successes.

For the Detroit Lions, they’ll be able to look back on 2022 and find many accomplishments for the franchise. Not only did the team triple their win total from last season, but they improved their offense to a top-five unit, potentially found their quarterback of the future, and landed some foundational pieces on the defensive side of the ball.

Earlier this week, I asked the Pride of Detroit audience what they thought the Lions’ biggest accomplishment of the 2022 season was. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite answers from Lions fans.

NH_South makes a good observation, pointing out that last year, the team struggled to close out tight games. This year, they finally started winning those games:

Lots of accomplishments to pick from. I’d say learning how to close out games was the most significant. Last season and halfway through this season they competed hard and were in nearly all games but fell short in the 4th quarter. It wasn’t always pretty but they started winning and Sunday they owned the 4th quarter. The Packers had 2 possessions in the 4th quarter and in those possessions the defense forced a punt and a turnover, holding a 4 time MVP to 2 completions and a pick in 6 attempts. Meanwhile the Lions offense used their 2 possessions to score the go ahead touchdown and to run out the clock. The Lions were on offense 11 and a half minutes in the 4th quarter led by a QB who was 8 for 8. (Don’t know how anyone can say your QB had his stock go down when he delivers when the game is on the line).

MaizeAndBlueWahoo was most encouraged by Detroit’s dominance in divisional play:

Going 5-1 in the division. Maybe some of that is lucky timing, playing most of those games when the team happened to get hot. But then you could also say that it was beating the Packers and Bears that launched the hot streak in the first place.

Regardless, that’s the second-best division record in the whole league. The Chiefs were 6-0 against their division and nobody else was better than 4-2. Teams that go 5-1 against their division almost always win it. The last team to do that and not win the division was the 2019 Cowboys (which doesn’t sound that long ago but there are eight chances every year.) The last team to go 5-1 and lose the division to a team with a worse division record was the 2017 Titans.

TomFoolery27 thinks 2022 is the year “Same Old Lions” died:

Finally putting to death the SOL narrative. They recovered from a 1-6 start and made it to the doorstep of the playoffs when nobody thought they could do it, they repeatedly beat teams where “experts” said they wouldn’t, and even though they had no playoff spot waiting for them if they won, they came out in front of a national audience, in Lambeau, against Rodgers, which in years past, any one of those elements spells doom for the Lions, never mind all 3 against them at once, and they decided “To Hell with how we used to do things, we’re winning this thing,” and lo and behold, they went out and did just that. They beat Rodgers in his own building for what might be the last game of his career, killing the narrative that the NFL would have loved to have!

Bowler4189 thinks the team’s most impressive moment came in April, with the Lions’ outstanding 2022 draft class—and that bodes well for the future:

Idk about biggest accomplishment, but most impressive was Holmes 2022 draft. We’re in consideration for best draft and that’s with 2 of our top 3 picks playing very little. He got us a starting safety in the 3rd round, a starting LB in the 6th round and contributions from another sixth round pick.

Looking at next year, we have 4 picks in the first two rounds of the draft. With Jameson and Paschal playing very little this season, it’s like we are adding a combined 6 first and second round draft picks next year. Add in Tracy Walker and 19M in cap space and we could add 8-9 new rotation level players. Hats off to Holmes, you killed it the last two years. The last time I’ve been this excited about the Lions was when we had Barry.

CoachingExpert believes the biggest accomplishment for the 2022 Lions was changing the national perception of this franchise:

Changing the way fans and most likely the national media look at the Lions.

I have always thought that Culture is a corny word that gets thrown around all the time and is highly overused.. However the culture change here has been real. Hell, I am one of the most critical people here but I am fully on board with what the team is doing now.

I even believe Goff is our QB going forward... I admit it!

The expectations for next season will be different. Brad needs to work some magic this off season. Bring in some defensive talent and lets keep rolling.

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