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Watch live: Alternate reality Lions vs. Eagles Divisional Round Madden 23 simulation

The virtual Detroit Lions are making a run, so let’s follow them around for another week.

Last week, our coping skills were on full display. With the Detroit Lions playing the best football we’ve seen from the organization for several years—but falling just short of the playoff—we wondered what would have happened if they had gotten into the dance.

Of course, there’s no actual way of knowing that. But we offered the only “scientific” experimentation we could offer: a Madden simulation between the Lions and what would’ve been their first-round, Wild Card matchup: the San Francisco 49ers.

Given how poorly the Madden Detroit Lions have played all season, we figured it would be a quick one-and-done, and we’d all go on with our lives. Little did we know that the Madden Lions had finally started catching up with the real thing. Madden gave the Lions a bump to a 79 overall rating (it was 76 for most of the season), and apparently, that’s all that was needed for Detroit to pull the first-round upset.

So the simulation must continue for another week. Seeing as the Lions would be the theoretical seven seed in these playoffs, a trip to Philadelphia to face the one-seeded Eagles is due for the men in Honolulu Blue. Can the Lions keep up this miracle run, or will this be the final Madden simulation of the season? Here’s how to watch with us live.

What: Lions vs. Eagles Madden sim + Q&A session
When: Saturday, January 21 — 10:30 a.m. ET
Where: Our Twitch channel — (or watch below)

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