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If the Detroit Lions were in these playoffs, how far would they have gone?

The first two rounds of the NFC playoffs have shown us a bunch of vulnerable squads.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions David Reginek-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL playoffs have been nothing short of fascinating, regardless of whether the Divisional Round proved a few more duds compared to the Wild Cards last week. They can’t all be winners.

But for Lions fans, watching from the sidelines, the question raises: how would Detroit fare against many of these NFC contenders? It’s a tempting proposition: the Detroit Lions were playing their best football in December, while teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Minnesota Vikings left these playoffs with naught but whimpers. Of course, the Lions would have had to play the San Francisco 49ers if they had indeed snuck in, but even then, there’s a few fans I’ve spoken with that believe the Lions could at least have “hung tough” with them.

On this episode of the Pride of Detroit PODcast, we’re breaking down that question, which feeds into all kinds of questions about the status of the rebuild, how “close” the Lions are to contending and expectations for next year (and Vegas numbers to boot there). It’s all Kool-Aid season, and we got time to investigate how real it could be.

We also discuss the latest rumors with Aaron Glenn interviewing for head coaching positions, plus Shaun Dion Hamilton at the Senior Bowl. We’ve also brought you a bite-sized mailbag, with questions about the Lions strategy at tight end and much more.

It’s all live and ready to go. Thank you for your support of PODcast!

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