Charlie Monarrez Has a Point

Monarrez recently wrote the Lions must embrace losing key contributors. He really makes a great point. I feel so happy about the 2022 season I hate to see anyone from this group depart. Yet, to continue to improve and reach their goal of a Super Bowl changes have to continue to be made.

I recently wrote about ranking the corner backs. I know changes have to be made to this group, but wow, it is painful. I am attached to watching them struggle and strive so hard for us.

I worried about losing Dan Johnson, our OC. I have worried about any coaching changes. Yet, if they do a good job it is the nature of the sport to promote and give those that have succeeded new and bigger opportunities.

In the same way, the Lions need to promote this within their own organization and hope that the next man up is going to not only succeed but do better than his predecessor. It's hard to feel like they might take one step forward to only take one step back, but hopefully a hop skip or jump also ensues shortly afterwards.

The same has to be said about all the changes in the roster that an inevitable. Rookies will make the team. Perhaps one or two new free agents will be brought aboard too. The roster spots have to come from somewhere.

Aaron Glenn may not be my favorite coach. He exclaimed his goal was to become one of Detroit's best all-time defensive coordinators. In my opinion, he hasn't yet delivered. However, maybe he just needs more time to reveal how good he is with the right talent backing his philosophies and direction. Or, maybe who steps up to take his place, if he departs, will have a better vision and get better results faster.

Only time will tell just how much changes, but change is going to happen to some degree. Part of me wants to see a lot - like a jump to the Super Bowl. A part of me understands it is simply a constant that has to be accepted and can go either way. All businesses, like all sport teams, face change. Perhaps they face even more change - the economy factors on them more than a single sport's franchise; competitors shift constantly; innovation is relentless; and, of course, internally staff, resources, raw materials, weather, break-downs, and opportunities are incessant.

Ah ha! Opportunities! That is what the Lions need to seize on. If there is one, grab it. I think that is what Holmes and Campbell have done so far. I hope that they can continue to recognize and capitalize on seizing opportunities that keep making the team better and better.

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