Could the Lions Get the Buffalo and KC First-Round Picks For the Right Offer?

Both teams have salary cap constraints. I know they don't have high draft picks, but is a first-rounder going to offer that much more value to them over perhaps two second-round or even two third-round picks?

Building a roster is a numbers game in several ways. First, you have to have enough talent and depth to compete. Second, you have to be able to afford to pay it. Third, there is a balancing act between high cost first-round and later round draft picks adding to your overhead.

The New England Patriots were masters of wheeling and dealing to get great mid and lower round talent. It seemed they had core low, or reasonably priced talent to build around. I'm not sure how all of that works, but definitely cost constraint is an element of lasting success.

For the Lions I think they are getting closer and closer to really competing. They still need some talent, and more than likely they could use more elite play makers. So would trading with the Bills and, or Chiefs for their first-round picks make sense?

It's just a thought that as I read the post mortems on the teams' comments on their salary caps came to mind. I wonder if anyone else can perhaps elaborate on this.

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