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Saturday open thread: What is more important: Making playoffs or beating Packers?

Sunday Night’s game against Green Bay should mean a lot to the Lions on several levels

Detriot Lions v Green Bay Packers Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Look at us. Who would have thought? (Insert Paul Rudd meme here)

After more than a few games they wish they could have had back from the beginning of the season, the 2022 Detroit Lions stumbled out of the gate on their way to a 1-6 record. Then, as developing teams tend to do, they began to find their way.

Over the course of the next nine weeks, the Lions would post a record of 7-2, bringing their record to 8-8, and putting them in the thick of the playoff race. This would all lead us to where we are today—on the brink of a “Sunday Night Football” showdown at Lambeau field against the Green Bay Packers.

At this point, you are likely aware of the simple scenarios that get either the Lions or Green Bay into the playoffs. The Packers control their destiny, while the Lions would need to beat Green Bay, while also hoping the Baker Mayfield led Los Angeles Rams can somehow beat the Seattle Seahawks on the road.

Today’s Question of the Day is:

Playoffs or beating the Packers? Which is more important to you?

My answer: After a lot of deliberation over the course of the week, I am going to go with beating the Packers. If the Rams do end up losing to the Seahawks, it will not get me any less excited about the Lions’ Week 18 finale. It will still be an opportunity to showcase all of the young talent on the roster, as well as a shot to completely ruin what may end up being quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ final game in Green Bay.

As far as I am concerned, this roster is set up well for success in the future. In fact, with how the Lions have played over the second half of the season—most people around the NFL are likely going to expect the Lions to be in the playoffs in 2023.

For now, I am simply trying to live in the moment. Beat the Packers. Ruin their day. Do it decisively, and let’s head into the offseason on a high note.

What about you? What is more important to you? Let us know in the comments.


Playoffs or beating the Packers? Which is more important to you?

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