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Watch live: Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers Madden simulation preview

The Detroit Lions’ regular season will come to an end at the same time the NFL 2022 regular season comes to an end. The NFL decided they wanted the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers to close out Week 18, and it’s hard to blame them. The Lions and Packers have been two of the best teams in the NFL over the last couple of months, and for at least the Packers, a playoff spot will be on the line Sunday night.

But before we even get there, it’s time to see how these two teams match up on the video game Madden 23. Each Saturday before a Sunday Lions game, we have simulated a game of Madden 23 to see who the video game series thinks will come out on top.

If you’ve been following us all year, Madden 23 seems to absolutely hate the Lions. Although the game adjusts player ratings on a week-to-week basis, they seem incapable of turning the Lions into a competent team. For example, in last week’s Madden simulation against the Chicago Bears, the Bears walked away with a 17-14 win. Of course, in reality the Lions blew out the Bears 41-10.

Regardless, we spend about two hours talking about the game, as I narrate the action and wackiness ensues. If you’ve missed these Madden simulations all year, now may be your last chance to catch one and see what all the fuss is about.

Here’s how to join in, chat, and watch:

What: Lions vs. Packers Madden sim + Q&A session
When: Saturday, January 7 — 10:30 a.m. ET
Where: Our Twitch channel — (or watch below)