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NFL Week 18 picks: National experts overwhelmingly predict Packers over Lions

The national experts aren’t giving Detroit much of a chance on Sunday night against the Packers.

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Detriot Lions v Green Bay Packers Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The Detroit Lions are just 5-point underdogs for “Sunday Night Football” against the Green Bay Packers, but if you were to look at the way some “experts” are talking about this game, you’d think they were two-touchdown dogs.

The national analysis of this game has been predominantly focused on the Packers and their current four-game winning streak. On one hand, I get it. As much as I don’t like him, Aaron Rodgers is a superstar, and the Packers are currently the only team in this matchup with their playoff destiny in their own hands.

On the other hand, the Lions are a pretty awesome story in their own right. Not only are they on a 7-2 streak right now—looking to become the second team in NFL history to go 1-6 and make the playoffs—but they’re a “Hard Knocks” darlings and have one charismatic head coach.

And when it comes to football, these cats can ball. They’ve played as good as anyone over the past two months, and that very much includes the Packers. Regardless, NFL experts across the media landscape are mostly picking the Packers to win.

Here’s a look at just how many analysts are taking Green Bay.

ESPN picks — 6 of 7 pick Packers

The lone ESPN analyst who picked the Lions to beat the Packers is Jeremy Fowler. For what it’s worth, Fowler currently ranks third among the ESPN staff in overall record this year.

SB Nation — 8 of 9 pick Packers

It really do be your own people that stab you in the back. Our mothership is all going for the Packers, except for Debbie Emery, a true hero.

The Athletic — 8 of 10 pick Packers

Shout out to Falcons beat writer Josh Kendall and Bengals beat writer Jay Morrison for having the bravery to go against the conventional pick.

MMQB — 3 of 5 pick Packers

Connor Orr and Gary Gramling are the two who picked the Lions, but let’s just ignore the fact that those two have the worst overall picks record—and an even worse track record of making upset picks.

CBS Sports — 8 of 8 pick Packers

There is not a single believer among the CBS crew. Let’s hope they live up to the last two letters of their publication.

Profootballtalk — 2 of 2 pick Packers


Local section:

Freep: 3 of 5 pick Packers

For what it’s worth, the Freep’s main beat writer, Dave Birkett, picked the Packers to win. While everyone’s favorite columnist, Carlos Monarrez, picked the Lions.

Detroit News: 2 of 4 pick Packers

The News’ main Lions beat writer, Justin Rogers, picked the Lions win by a narrow margin.

Overall, according to, 79 percent of experts are picking the Packers to win on Sunday night.

Time to prove that large majority wrong, Lions.

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